A No Greenhouse Gas Emission, Hybrid SUV-Carried Vessel

It’s no secret that the sale of fishing kayaks has gone up dramatically over the past couple of years. This is partially due to people discovering paddling as an avenue for exercise and recreation. But a sizable portion of the sales are driven by the fishing community. One of the main payoffs of this phenomenon is that kayak fishing is green boating.

What Makes Kayak Fishing a Green Sport?

There are several things that make kayak fishing a green sport. Not consuming gas or oil makes kayaking a very green activity. The end result is a total lack of exhaust fumes (no greenhouse gas emissions) and zero oil slicks on the water to contend with.

Want to take it one step further? Consider this. Kayaks don’t need a trailer like a conventional fishing boats. That makes for one less set of tires on the road. It also conserves the vehicle’s fuel because less of a load is being pulled.

Advantages of Fishing Kayaks

Kayak fishing offers a numerous advantages over the traditional motor boat, wading, or casting from shore. If a pickup truck is used for getting to the water, just put down the tailgate, slide the kayak in and tie it down. Don’t forget the red flag. If the transport is a car, a hybrid SUV, or a regular SUV, kayak racks will do.

In many cases, not pulling a trailer will save a pretty penny on auto insurance.

And this might be one of the best advantages from a tax-paying citizen’s point of view – the state probably won’t stick the boater with with an annual licensing fee!

And another way that money is saved is by not having the gas and maintenance overhead that a motorboat requires.

Sit-On-Top or Sit-In?

There are two types of fishing kayaks: the ones with a cockpit that the boater slides his legs into (sit-in) and the sit on top (SOT). For fishing, the SOT is the way to go. It affords freedom of movement and legs won’t suffer from lack of air circulation. SOT’s are also self-bailing; they have scuppers so that any water that enters the cockpit drains directly out through the bottom of the boat.

Kayak Fishing Accessories

A paddle and a PFD (personal flotation device) are essential. Don’t forget rod holders, either built in or installed at home. Most fishing kayaks have a stern well for storage. This is the perfect spot for a small ice chest.

A kayak anchor pulley system comes in handy for that special spot where they’re biting. Many a kayak fisherman is starting to use GPS tracking devices and the best fish finder they can afford.

A paddle keeper is a must have item. If the kayak didn’t get one installed at the factory, installing one will be at the top of the priority list after the first day of fishing! And speaking of paddles, a paddle leash is important. Eventually the time will come when the paddle will want to get away. Hand paddling gets old really fast!