Are you dreaming of being alone on the big blue oceans and lakes, catching fish? Not ready to hit the waters with a big boat? Then kayak fishing might be for you. Kayak fishing is thrilling and a cheap way to spend your time on the waters catching your favorites fish. Not to mention that you will also be exercising as you move across the water.

Knowing the type of kayak to buy, what to carry when hitting the water, and the best time to hit the water greatly determines the kind of experience you will have. And definitely, you are in for the best experience. But what actually do you need to know to have the best experience out in the water? Below, we have wrapped up some kayak fishing tips that will really spice up your experience.

Kayak fishing tips

kayak fishing


Always be prepared


Before you take your kayak out, it is crucial to make sure you have all the necessities ready. For example, make sure your fishing net, rod, and tackle are ready. You can also pack some food and drinks just in case you need something to grab. Remember also to carry some extra clothes in case it gets cold while still out on the water. Preparing in advance helps you carry what you need.


Flipping is only a matter of time


Anyone can flip when kayaking. Even if you are a seasoned kayaker, be prepared for the worst as you can flip anytime. Practicing your flipping by rolling yourself in a pool can help you prepare for the worst, as this will give you the confidence in your ability to roll your kayak. If you have never practice flipping before, make sure there is someone experienced keeping an eye.


Know your paddle

kayak paddle


Knowing how to paddle is one thing, but actually knowing how to paddle with one hand is very crucial when kayak fishing. Consider when you have to paddle while using the net or when you have a fish on the line. These are just a few scenarios that require you to master the trick of paddling with a single and.

Choosing quality paddles will also improve your performance. So, try to avoid cheap paddles as they are likely to embarrass you, especially when you hit bad weather.


Sit-in or sit-on?


Which is right for you? Both are great kayaks. While it is easy getting in and out of a sit-on kayak, a sit-in is a better option as it offers more stability, extra storage, and shelter from harsh conditions. If you own a sit-on kayak, you can boost its stability by straddling. Basically, to get a kayak that feels right, consider trying both, sit-on, and sit-in before making the final decision.


Life on the edge (of the weeds)


Your ability to maneuver your kayak is very crucial when on the water. If you can line up yourself parallel with the weeds, the betters as this will allow you to cast on the edge of the weeds, hence driving the crazy fish.


Anchors can be your savior


An anchor comes in handy in many scenarios. For example, when in the middle of the lake at a good spot or when the wind picks up, you will find an anchor very helpful. One thing to note, if you have to use your anchor, avoid dropping it into a strong current because you could find yourself under the water.


Take shelter in an eddie



It is quite challenging to fish in a strong current. The best thing when fishing in a kayak is the ability to park almost anywhere, including eddies. If you position yourself well in an eddie, you don’t need even to anchor your kayak. Just stay put, and the current will bring the fish to you.


Know the terrain


Going to new waters? Traveling alone? It is a good idea you do some research beforehand. You can also ask some friends or someone who know the terrain very well to join you. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to hit the water successfully and safely.


Even kayakers like selfies

kayak fishing


Do you love showing your friends your achievements? If yes, why not bring a waterproof camera and capture the best moment as you fish. If you don’t have a waterproof camera, consider buying a waterproof case.




Not all locations are suitable for kayak fishing. Doing your research about different places can really improve your fishing experience. Not forgetting that you will also avoid dangerous spots. Keep in mind that your safety comes first.


We hope this piece was interesting and helpful. Do you think we have skipped crucial kayak fishing tips and tricks? Let us know in the comment section below.