Redington Path is a great fit if you need a tough and durable fly rod. Whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater, this fly rod is perfect, especially for a beginner. Rod and reel are made up of excellent quality. With a huge loading capacity and a tracking tip, Redington Path is a tough contender for medium-fast fly rods. Available in a range of weights from 4 weight up to 9 weight, this rod comes at a starting price of $140.

Redington Path Fly Rod Review

It remains unharmed from corrosion as this rod comes with anodized aluminum hardware. Anodized aluminum is resistant to rust and protects the rod’s body.

 A large arbor gives the rod an amazing retrieval capacity. Retrieving your fish before it slips away won’t be a problem which would occur with Redington Path.

While trying fishing styles, beginners always tend to break or damage blanks. But Redington Path comes with chromium blanks which are powerful and sturdy.

Smooth and efficient Casting in fishing at oceans, lakes, and rivers is a guaranteed service that this rod offers. 

One can easily align this rod as it comes with alignment dots. This saves time and improves the performance of the rod.


  • Lightweight
  • The strong disc drag system
  • Large Arbor size
  • Medium action rod
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Highly fragile outer frame
  • The tip could snap easily
  • It can be costly to repair the reels

Key features

Here are the features and benefits you need to know before purchasing. 

Weight of the rod, Line, and Length

Flexibility comes easily with this rod as it is lightweight. It weighs 5.6 oz which is similar in weight compared to Redington Crosswater. Different weight models of Redington Path are available, ranging from 4-weight to 9-weight.

The 4-weight fly rod is efficient for trout fishing, and the 9-weight model is perfect for luring and catching big fish. The line works perfectly, allowing the anglers to make castes at different ranges.

This Fly rod has a muscular and unbreakable line that can easily absorb the force applied by fish and not break. 

Rod Action

The medium action of this Redington Path is a great combination of power and feel. As one takes this medium-action Path rod out on the water, they will have no issues casting at short or long distances. Rod is stiff at the bottom and light at the upper section. This gives great speed to the tip of the rod when you move your rod in a particular direction.

This rod is effective against the wind and provides an undisturbed uniform action even in the wind, which is of great quality. Angler can do any delicate cast at any distance with complete accuracy.

Beginners and experienced anglers can try out as many rod actions as they want because it is enhanced with a Cordura rod tube with built-in rod dividers that provide great durability and enhancement to the rod. 

Manufacturing and its Quality

Redington Path’s light series, consisting of the best 3-weight fly rods to 6-weight models, are equipped with wood reel seats. Wood reel seats are quite light and provide a smooth flow to the line. Whereas 7-weight plus fly rods come with an anodized aluminum reel seat. This adds more power to the rod.

The Redington Path fly rod uses a disc drag system to control or stop big fish. The Disc Drag system provides the reel more force to fight against the fish in water. Redington Path has offered wooden handles to keep the hands of anglers soft and unhurt while providing a tight grip.   

The Lifetime guarantees

The best guarantee offered anywhere in the world is the lifetime warranty given by Redington on this fly rod. If you get a damaged or broken rod, it is guaranteed that Redington to either replace it or repair it, considering the amount of damage.

The Redington Path fly rod reel has a limited guarantee of one year. But if the rod gets damaged due to an angler or any natural incident, then it is not the responsibility of Redington. If the reel gets damaged, the owner must show the receipt of purchase to avail warranty on that reel.

Versatility and Casting Distance

As mentioned earlier, Redington Path can perform in any water condition. This rod also has a remarkable recovery capacity because of its large arbor. Equipped with smooth and large handles, this rod enables anglers to get a firm grip for a rough fishing session. 

The unique quality of the Redington Path fly rod is that it excels when the casting range is 60ft+. Other medium-action fly rods struggle to reach a point at such a distance. But this fly rod makes giant castings with tight and effortless loops. Redington Path can also be cast as short as 35 ft.

Social Proof

Is it better to choose a rod without much consultation with other anglers? Or with the reviews from the anglers who have used this rod. So, I have gathered some reviews that I would like to share with you:

These are the reviews from the customers who have purchased the Redington Path Fly Rod from Amazon.


So, until now, you might have understood why Redington Path is considered a tough contender in medium-action fly rods. Being affordable, this rod brings a lot to the table that other fly rods might not. The Redington Path has all the distinctive features and specifications that make it a perfect choice for fishing in saltwater and freshwater conditions and catching fish of all sizes. 

Suitable both for amateurs and experienced as well as offering a lifetime warranty, the rod puts great value to the money one spends on this rod.

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