Fall fishing for trout most always produces excellent results due to the abundance of trout. Follow this shortfall fishing guide to gain valuable tips for fall trout fishing.

Tips for Fall Trout Fishing – Tips, Where to Fish, Gear, and Equipment

  1. The heavy rains of fall can cause the waters to become dirty, cloudy, murky, and muddy. These conditions can contribute to the inability of a trout to effectively see your bait or lure. For this reason, contrary to reason, a darker-colored lure works better, especially when it’s cloudy or overcast or when the water is murky. The lure or bait will be better noticed by the trout, as it will see its shadow of it. This is an important fall fishing tip, as some might think that a brighter-colored lure would garner a better result, and this is not the case.
  2. Glow-in-the-dark lures can be rewarding in fall trout fishing when fishing at night or in less than clear water.
  3. Mepps Aglia Spinners are a favorite lure for anglers. You could have great luck when fall fishing for trout if you use these spinners. One downside of using these spinners for fall trout fishing is that they tend to get caught on weeds and rocks.
  4. While artificial flies and bait can be rewarding when you are fall fishing for trout, natural bait might bring you better luck with your fall trout fishing. You can try both types and see which one works best for your fall fishing.
  5. Invest in waders. There are two types of waders you can use for your fall trout fishing. It’s a matter of personal preference as they both serve the same purpose of keeping you dry. You can wear hip waders or chest waders. The chest waders are more secure as they are adjustable by the use of suspenders.
  6. The fishing vest goes hand in hand with fall trout fishing. The vest is a traditional piece of gear that also serves as a tackle box when you are fall fishing. They’re functional as well as fashionable!
  7. Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses for obvious reasons. It’s important to cut glare in any way you can to better see the water when fall trout fishing.
  8. Another traditional piece of fall fishing gear is the creel for transporting your day’s catch.
  9. The Rogue River in southwestern Oregon is rapidly gaining in popularity due to the writings of author Zane Grey who wrote about the Rogue River’s “half pounder” steelhead.
  10. Fall trout fishing can be very rewarding at Southwest Colorado’s Beaver Creek. Anglers are catching brown and rainbow trout.
  11. Great Falls, Montana, can garner you brook trout during your fall trout fishing trips.
  12. Grasshoppers and beetles are very important food for trout during the fall trout fishing season. When the weather is windy, the water will be covered with sticks, leaves, and other debris. This will make it hard for the trout to differentiate what is food and what is debris. For this reason, if you jerk your beetled bait, you just might get a trout to take a bite. Since trout or any other fish for that matter don’t take a fancy to dead bait, the more alive it appears, the more attractive and appetizing it will be for the trout to bite.

Fall trout fishing can be very rewarding because of the abundance of trout and the sheer joy of the sport!