Cycling is a fun activity intended to gain fitness and relaxation. It is one activity that keeps your physical and mental health sound. But what to do if you don’t have a cycle? How can you experience riding a bicycle when you don’t have one?

Some may not have a cycle, while others may take a break when they don’t want to go cycling or temporarily don’t have one. No matter what the case is, you may need to satisfy your desire and need to cycle without a cycle. Though it may sound impossible, you can do some activities to enjoy the benefits of cycling. 

If you want to learn how to do cycling without cycle, stay with me throughout the article:

5 Ways To Do Cycling Without A Cycle:

Most people prefer cycling for physical fitness. Cycling stretches your leg muscles, improves balance, works on the lower body, strengthens bones, and burns calories. So, how to get all these benefits without a cycle? 

You may follow multiple ways to get the benefits of cycling without riding a cycle. You need to follow certain tactics to do so. These activities don’t only make you healthy and strong but also relax your body and mind. Also, you can do these exercises at home from your comfort zone. 

Here are such 5 ways to do cycling without a cycle:

1. Bicycle Crunches:

The bicycle crunch is the best supplement for cycling. It is an exercise you do on your yoga mat without any cycle. You follow the same steps that you do while cycling but while lying on the ground. 

First, lie on the ground, preferably on a yoga mat. Now lift your head and place both your hands behind the head for support. Now lift your legs straight up a bit at the level of your head. So, your head and legs would be lifted at the same level, and you’ll be able to see your feet easily. 

Now you must touch your elbow to your right knee by bending your knee up and taking your left elbow forward. Then switch your leg and bring your left knee and right elbow together. Repeat this several times. 

You can see that your legs are moving just like it in cycling. The elbow-touching activity is added so that you can bend your knees more. 

The bicycle crunch is the most common alternative to cycling. I love it as it relaxes my muscles, strengthens my lower and upper body muscles, flexes my joints, burns belly fat, and releases tension. In fact, it gives more benefits compared to what you get in cycling!

2. Wrestler’s Squats:

Wrestler’s squats are popularly done by athletes to strengthen their bodies and cut off body fat. And people who have proposed to their lovers might have done this too! Interesting right? 

Well, have you knelt down to your lover? If yes, the wrestler’s squat is to kneel down but do it repeatedly without standing up straight in between the activity. 

In this squat, you have to kneel down on one leg. In this position, both of your knees are bent. One knee is on your ground, and the other is at a 90-degree angle. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and alter your leg. 

The wrestler’s squat is helpful to flex your muscles, cut off your body fat, and strengthen your bones. 

3. Lunges:

Lunges are similar to a wrestler’s squat. Here you need to kneel down with one leg and then stretch the leg on the ground at the back a bit. Your front leg, standing on your feet, should be a bit forward so that your knee is placed in the same line as your toes.

After you extend your back leg and stretch your front leg a bit, you don’t need to hold the position. As you do it, go back to the standing position. Stand straight and repeat the step. Don’t try to lift any weight during the initial stage. Keep repeating the step 5 times. Take a rest for 30 secs and start the second set. Do at least 10 sets. 

Lunges also relax your muscles and increase your stamina. It releases tension and brings back hormonal balance. It is useful for increasing body balance and stability too. 

4. Rope Skipping:

Skipping is widely practiced by youth. It is really fun to practice skipping with a skipping rope. Almost everyone has received the joy of skipping at a young age. 

But do you know that skipping is an excellent replacement for cycling? Skipping rope requires full-body movement. Especially your knees bend frequently as you practice. Both your leg muscles stretch and contract vigorously while skipping. Besides, your body balance becomes better as you practice skipping regularly. 

Try to take your knee up to your chest. It would take a bit of effort but will help your entire body’s stamina to go up. Your energy level and breathing would improve too. Needless to say that you would burn fat and feel relaxed after skipping a rope. 

5. Swimming:

Cycling requires intensive body movement, especially the lower part of your body. Swimming is a similar exercise where your feet, as well as your entire leg, would move very fast. This fast foot movement would help your metabolism to increase. Your stamina would hike up, too as well as your body strength would increase. 

Swimming is considered an excellent alternative to cycling. If you don’t have a bicycle or you are in your resting period, you can still be physically active if you go swimming once a day for 30-60minutes.

Depending on your time, you can relax in the nearest swimming pool. And the refreshed and relaxed vibe you get after swimming is incomparable, isn’t it? 

Can You Use A Stationary Bike For Cycling Without A Cycle?

An excellent alternative to bicycles for cycling is to have a stationary bike. If you are not ready for cycling outdoors and looking for an alternative, the best idea is to have a stationary bike. 

A stationary bike does not move forward when you pedal. The model looks like a cycle, but a stationary bike doesn’t have wheels. So, it stands still when you pedal. 

It has handlebars to hold and a saddle to sit on. Now you need to do pedaling. You may need to lean forward a bit and require effort for pedaling as the bike won’t move forward. As it is not in motion, you naturally give more pressure to pedal efficiently. 

Using a stationary bike gives the same cycling experience, except that you are not in motion. Though you miss the airy cycling experience, you get a similar feeling. 

Riding a stationary bike is an intensive workout. You will instantly feel active and warmed up after you start pedaling. It would help you get rid of body fat, boost your body metabolism, strengthen and relax your muscles, flex and develop your bones, and release tension. 

So, if you don’t prefer cycling outdoors, having a stationary bike would help you. It would be the best option for those who haven’t learned cycling. It would help you know how to operate the cycle and improve your balance and skills. And the physical fitness and benefits you get are considerable. 

How To Use A Turbo Trainer For Cycling At Home?

A turbo trainer is a simple machine you need to attach to the rear portion of your cycle. You should consult a professional or read the manual to set up a turbo trainer. 

If you attach a turbo trainer to your bicycle, you can ride at home without knowing how to cycle. It works similarly to a stationary cycle. But you would have an actual bicycle with the turbo trainer attached to it. The turbo trainer would keep the bicycle in a steady position.  

Now you need to pedal. And you are done! Continue pedaling as long as possible to relax your muscles, improve your stamina and breathing, and strengthen your body. Also, it will help you learn cycling if you are not proficient. Having a turbo trainer is useful during your resting period too. 

Try not to stress your legs too much if you are in your resting period. Be cautious and practice slowly. 

Why Should You Cycling Or Find Alternatives Even Without A Cycle?

If you happen to be a person who is habituated to cycling regularly but given a pause for resting, even then, you should find an alternative that complements cycling. And if you are a person who is willing to start cycling but wants some preparation at home, the options above would help you out. 

Whether you are a cyclist or a new person in the squad, cycling or finding substitutes for cycling is important for many reasons. Cycling is necessary not only for refreshment but also for building stamina and strength. 

So even if you don’t have a cycle, you should not miss out on the benefits. You can follow the ways above and enjoy the benefits. Now, what are these benefits? Let’s see:

Increases Bone Strength: 

The first benefit you get from cycling with or without a cycle is strengthening your bones. As your knees and feet joints bend and stretch, they become stronger. It can substantially help you to prevent minor arthritis and bone damage. 

Similarly, your hand bones would be strengthened if you do lunges and bicycle crunches along with weightlifting. Your spinal cord is stressed a lot, making it stronger yet more flexible. 

All in all, bones in different body parts get strengthened due to cycling or alternative exercises. You get long-term benefits when you practice such activities regularly, and the gradual damage to bones slows down. 

Boosts Your Stamina and Metabolism:

Cycling is definitely the best way to increase your stamina and metabolism. As you inhale the fresh air, breathe fast, and move your body, your overall body strength increases. And even if you choose an alternative, it would boost your stamina too. 

If you regularly cycle or do lunges or bicycle crunches, your stamina increases as your body metabolism becomes more active. Active metabolism converts your potential energy into kinetic energy. You become more active due to this kinetic energy and feel enthusiastic about doing more physical and mental work. This means your stamina has been boosted. 

Cycling or some alternative in the morning would be a great choice to stay energetic, active, and enthusiastic all day. 

Flexes Your Muscles:

Intense muscle activity is done during cycling or the substitutes. This means you can work on strengthening and flexing your muscles even without a cycle. 

Muscle flexibility and tenderness are necessary to keep the muscles relaxed. Regular cycling or alternatives would make the muscles stronger yet flexible. When your muscles are strong, you feel less stressed about walking, running, standing, and moving around. Your overall body activity and performance become better with flexible and sturdy muscles. 

Therefore, cycling or other exercises without a cycle would help you strengthen and flex your muscles. 

Prepares You For Cycling:

If you are about to buy a cycle and want to learn how to cycle, home exercises are the best way. You can use a turbo trainer or a stationary cycle to practice cycling at home and learn how to pedal. It would help improve your body balance, strengthen your bones and muscles, and prepare you for a comfortable and delightful ride. 

The bicycle crunches and lunges would help you learn pedaling techniques and increase your stamina and energy. As you become physically fit and strong, cycling becomes easier and simpler. 

So, you can definitely do home exercises and practice on a stationary cycle or turbo trainer to improve your cycling skill and gradually prepare yourself. 

Improves Mental Health:

People think cycling outdoors in the fresh air is the only way to feel good within. Though cycling outdoors refreshes your mind, alternatives also help you to relax and feel good mentally. 

As you do crunches, lunges, swimming, and other exercises, your metabolism and your hormone secretion increase. Especially the adrenaline rush in your body would automatically lift your mood, making you feel relaxed and tension-free. 

If you fully concentrate on your bodily activities and focus on exercising for a certain period every day, you will feel motivated and enthusiastic about having a productive day ahead. However, try to exercise on your balcony or roof, where you get fresh air and enough natural light. It helps to boost your hormones and mood even more. 

When all these benefits can be achieved without a cycle, what else do you need? 


You have now learned different ways of cycling without a cycle. If you want to find an alternative to cycling, the mentioned tactics will help you get the same benefits. 

So, which one are you going to try first?