Cycling is a refreshing as well as a tough sport. You must stay active and continuously work with your legs and hands while cycling. One needs both stamina and concentration to cycle. But to perform the best and stay focused while cycling, you must be comfortable and at ease on your bike. 

If you are looking for tips on making cycling more comfortable, this article is for you. I would be explaining each and everything that I have used for a better cycling experience.

So, stay with me if you want to make your cycling more comfortable:

7 Best Ways To Make Your Cycling More Comfortable:

Though we acknowledge that it is necessary to be comfortable while cycling, we often fail to be at ease due to inadequate knowledge. We are not aware of how to make cycling more comfortable.

However, following some simple ways and tips can make your cycling experience way better than before. Here are the 7 best ways to make your cycling more comfortable:

1. Adjust The Saddle:

Most people don’t consider changing or adjusting the saddle because they think to keep it as it is. However, saddles are not specially designed for each rider. The rider has to adjust it according to his comfort and convenience.

You may go for foamed saddles for better comfort. However, some may like the hard-surfaced saddle too. Besides, you must ensure that the saddle is fixed and doesn’t glide forward and backward while riding.

The saddle has to be at an angle that is comfortable for you. You can go to a garage and adjust the tilt angle of your saddle after experimenting with the comfort angle.

Another important factor is to adjust the saddle height. The ideal height is where you can slightly touch the ground but won’t put your feet fully straight on the ground. This makes paddling easier. So, you must consider your height and adjust the saddle height for a faster and easier ride. 

2. Handlebar Tape Or Foam:

Here comes another point that most people ignore. Your hand grip must be strong and comfortable to ride a bike effortlessly.

New bikes don’t come with foamed or cushioned handlebars. You need to enclose it with tape or wrap it with a cushioned cover so that your hands get a soft touch while riding a bicycle. Your hand grip also becomes firm as your hands won’t glide over the metal surfaces anymore. 

As your hand grip improves, your riding pace and comfort will upgrade automatically. 

3. Wear Proper Gear:

Wearing casual clothes during a cycle ride is the biggest mistake that most riders make. When cycling, wear proper gear for utmost comfort and ease. However, you may wear casual yet well-fitted clothes for short rides or heading toward your office, school, or church. Make sure the clothes don’t disrupt you while paddling.

But if you are riding in the mountains for a long ride, you must wear biking shorts. I prefer wearing shorts that have a reinforcement called shammy or padded chamois. These pads would give you comfort on your hip. 

You can wear tops or tees for comfort. Besides, wear sports shoes and socks. Don’t forget to wear a lightweight helmet for safety. But make sure the helmet doesn’t burden you. 

4. Wear a Helmet Without Visor:

Riders often prefer using helmets with visors. I suggest not buying helmets with visors as they cause difficulties in viewing. 

Visors make your head tilt and lift higher to conveniently see in front of you. The visors interrupt the natural viewing process. As you need to lift your head, your neck gets stressed and sore. 

Therefore, wearing a helmet with visors would be unthinkably uncomfortable for you. If you need protection from the Sun, wear sunglasses but avoid the visors.

5. Wear Shoes:

Paddling is the main task in cycling. So, your feet’ grip should be firm. If you wear slippers or sneakers, your feet frequently slip over the paddle whenever you speed up. This is not only risky but would puzzle you while riding.

Wearing sports shoes is the best solution to improve your feet’ grip. Shoes keep your feet in place, and you can position your feet properly on the paddle. Also, buy shoes with comfortable yet thick soles to absorb the shakes and keep your feet away from jerks. 

Using high-fiber socks would add benefits. High-fiber socks would soak the sweat and keep your feet at ease. Your feet won’t glide inside the shoes, and you can still have a good grip even if your feet sweat. 

Don’t forget to choose the right shoe size and ensure it fits you well.

6. Stretch Out And Stand Often:

Many people consider cycling an effortless activity and thus don’t prepare their bodies for it. But just like you need exercise for other sports, you should exercise for cycling too to avoid sores and body pain. 

The best and simple way to stay comfortable while riding and after a ride is to stretch out regularly. 

To do so, move your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen up the muscles. For legs, you can stand up and touch your feet with your hands. Do the same by sitting on the floor, spreading your legs at the front, and touching them with your hands. You would feel the leg tension that would ultimately relax the muscles. It would strengthen your back too.

Stretch your lower back and move it for a few minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise. Work on your triceps for hand strength. Try out yoga stretches for better results. 

Once your body muscles are relaxed and strong, you will gain the stamina to comfortably and effortlessly ride your bike for hours. 

7. Reduce Tyre Pressure:

Reducing tire pressure is another tactic to help you have a comfortable and seamless ride. Keeping the tire pressure low helps you cross rough roads easily.

You can add extra protection to your tires so the friction lessens, and the tire grip is firm. The rolling resistance is minimized, too, if you lower the tire pressure. 

If you reduce the tire pressure, your paddling becomes effortless, and you can comfortably ride your bike for hours.

Where Should You Put Your Feet On A Pedal?

Many inexperienced riders struggle to find the right position on the pedal to place their feet. Placing your feet correctly helps you to ride a bike at ease. You ride more comfortably, confidently, and fast when your feet are in the right position.

The ideal position for your feet is to keep the toes slightly ahead of the pedal shaft. The meaty area below the toes should be supported by the pedal. The back part of your feet, the heels, should be a bit out of the back shaft of the pedal. Basically, the middle part of your feet should be supported well by the pedal.

If you can place the middle part of your feet on the pedal, you will gain balance. This would automatically make you more confident and comfortable. As a result of better balance, you could ride faster. 

Should Your Feet Touch The Ground On A Bicycle?

The saddle height should be adjusted for better comfort while cycling. The saddle height should be ideally at the same level as the handlebar. However, the height of the person would matter in this case. If needed, the saddle can be lowered slightly just below the level of the handlebar.

The saddle height would determine the level of your feet to the ground. Ideally, your toes should touch the ground, not the whole feet. Your toes act as a support when you stop the cycle. The feet should completely stand on the ground while braking, as this can create pressure on your feet. Thus it would be enough if your toes were touching the ground.

This would be the ideal riding position for a cycle rider. The body posture would be firm, too, and the rider would be at ease if only the toes touched the ground.

How Do You Make Your Hip Comfortable While Cycling? (5 Tips)

Hurting your bum after cycling is a common scenario. Your lower back and hip muscles, as well as the bones, become stressed after a long ride. 

To minimize the pain and stress, here are my personal 5 tips that you can take to make your hip comfortable while cycling:

Tips 1: Use Saddles: 

Use foamed or cushioned saddles instead of hard ones. It would give a soft touch to your bum and hurt it less while riding. Therefore, don’t forget to invest in a quality saddle to make your hip comfortable while cycling.

Tips 2: Adjust The Saddle Height:

The saddle height and angle should be adjusted according to your comfort. The right angle would give your hip comfort as riding becomes easier. The right saddle height is important for you to comfortably sit on it.

Tips 3: Wearing Shorts:

Wearing bike shorts that have padded chamois is another solution to the bum hurting. The soft hip reinforcement in these shorts protects your hip from jerks, thus minimizing sores. These pads let your hip stay at ease while cycling.

Tips 4: Take Short Breaks:

While on a long ride, try standing up once every 20 minutes to let your hip rest and relax. Stand riding is a solution to relax and loosen up your hip and back muscles. It would decrease the stress and soreness in the muscles.

Tips 5: Don’t Ride Too Fast:

Avoid riding fast at the very beginning. Let your body adapt and understand that you are up for a ride. Build up your body slowly at the beginning, and speed up slowly. For extra benefits, stretch out your body before you set off to prepare your body fully. 

How Can You Make Your Cycle More Comfortable?

People are of different heights and weights. This is why you should find a bike that matches your body or adjust the bike according to your comfort. Buying a normal bike and not adjusting it would result in body sores, pain, and discomfort. 

Below, I will discuss a few things to help you make your cycle more comfortable and find the best-fit bike when making a new purchase. So, read this below part carefully: 

Saddle Height:

Saddle height is the most crucial part of getting comfortable on the bike. If you hesitate that you won’t be able to touch your toe on the ground while stopping, then you will not be confident. Your riding experience would degrade automatically. 

However, the saddle height should not be lowered, so your feet fully touch the ground. This is unhealthy as your knee and feet would be bent more than needed. This would harm and erode the bones. 

The ideal saddle height is when your toes touch the ground, but your heels can’t touch the ground fully. The toes are there to support and balance your body. This posture is the most comfortable as your body stays straight, your knees don’t bend too much, and your legs are at ease. 

When buying a bike, check the saddle height and adjust it so that only your toes can touch the ground. This would make you comfortable on the bike.

Saddle Setback:

The saddle positioning is another factor in giving a comfortable ride. The best-fit bike should have a saddle that lets you find a sweet and comfortable spot to ride.

The easiest way to settle the saddle is to loosen up the bolts so you can move the saddle according to your comfort. You can move the saddle back and forward when needed if the saddle is loose. But there is an ideal position that you can try out.

Ideally, your kneecap should be directly over the pedal spindle during a mid-pedal stroke. This is the comfortable position where you can utilize all your energy to easily ride the cycle. The saddle would comfort your back, and your legs would be at ease. 

You can check the saddle setback while buying the bike. You can sit and adjust the saddle position and make it the best fit cycle for you.

Handlebar Reach:

This is the distance from your saddle to the handlebar. If it is too far that you need to bend your back a lot, this would be painful for you, and the weight distribution would be disrupted. You would start hurting your back and hands and lose your body balance.

Similarly, if your handle is too near, your hands will bend too much, stressing your elbow. Your body would be in an upright position which would hurt your back. The ideal position is when your back is slightly bent and your hands are fairly straight (slightly bent). 

You can adjust the stem and decrease or increase the distance between the saddle and the handlebar. Adjust the stem, so your back and hands are slightly bent while you sit on the saddle and reach the handlebar. This would give you comfort and prevent you from hurting your body. 


Now you know all the tactics and ways to make cycling more comfortable. Follow the steps, find the best bike fit, and have a stress-free, painless, and relaxing bike ride.

Get ready for a blissful and comfortable bike ride!