The first decision potential campers make is to choose a place to visit and a campsite location. Go to CampUSA’s website for an alphabetical list of states and campgrounds located in each state.

Once the destination is set, selecting a campground type is important for the success of the outing.

Select a Camp Site

Basic options in choosing the most favorable site depend on the camper’s equipment. Recreational Vehicle and trailer owners have many choices for camping, with a variety of amenities offered.

Tent campers can also find appropriate sites with amenities of their choosing. Campers that travel with less equipment may need a local cabin for vacation.

Camping locations accommodate many sizes and styles of outdoor vacation vehicles or tent sites. The campgrounds will designate sections that are available for RVs, trailers, tents, or cabins.

The site might be selected based on the specific campers‘ preferences. Family-friendly sites are available, as are couple, group, and professionally compatible locations.

Camp Site Maintenance and Services

Regardless of the campsite chosen, RV, trailer, tents, or local cabin sites may be maintained by Federal, State, Regional or private entities. For tent campers, primitive sites may be offered with no amenities or services.

Federal, State, Regional, and private camping site lists can be narrowed by amenities desired, availability dates, and the number of people or vehicle restrictions. Some campsites are seasonal, but others are open year-round.

Of those that are open all year, reservations may be required at certain times of the year, or availability may be based on the “first-come-first-served“ standard.

The latter is not recommended for groups or people with specific needs. Some, but not all, campsites offer handicap services, so this should also be a consideration when choosing the perfect campsite.

Amenities offered, camp rules, and fees vary among campsites.

Minimum Camp Site Services

With the exception of primitive tent sites, most campgrounds provide a minimum of a “defined camp area”, including parking and a picnic table. For more services available, inquire at the specific campground of choice.

Regardless of needs or desires, there is an ideal campsite to be had across the nation in nearby or remote locations. Specific details are available on request at any campsite anywhere in the country.