What is a hydration pack?

If you are an outdoor person, it is highly likely you have heard about hydration packs. They are super popular among outdoor enthusiasts and are a lot better than water bottles. 

But what is a hydration pack, and why do you need one? 

Here, we cover the details of what is a hydration pack, how to choose the right one, and how to use it properly. Keep reading to learn more! 

What is a hydration pack?

A hydration pack is simply a type of hydration system designed to hold a water pouch or bladder. This system is built as a waist pack or backpack and houses the water bladder, which is normally made of rubber or flexible plastic and has a capped mouth and a hose attachment.

The mouthpiece plus the hose attachment makes it possible for you to get water out of a hydration pack without needing to pull out a bottle or make a stop.

Hydration packs come in different sizes and shapes, and there are designs for different types of outdoor enthusiasts and activities. 

Who uses hydration packs?

Hydration packs are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who want to carry enough water properly. They are also preferred by people who don’t want to make stops and get their water bottles out when thirsty. Often, they are used by outdoor enthusiasts who are: 

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Working out
  • Adventuring

Types of hydration packs

There are different types of hydration packs and is crucial to dropping your dollars for the right pack. Each type is suitable for various activities, so you may want to consider what you plan to do while using the pack for the best experience.

Hydration backpacks

These look a lot like standard hiking packs or backpacks. The only difference is that they have a spot for a water reservoir. Some even have extra storage pockets that can hold other things such as wallets, snacks, extra gear, etc.

Hydration backpacks are ideal for short day runs, hikes, and other speedy activities that won’t require extra gear. 

Cycling hydration packs

Just as the name suggests, these packs are designed for cycling or mountain biking. They are lightweight and focus on high stability over other features. They provide the gear and water space that might be needed.  

Running hydration pack

These packs make sure runners have a good supply of water while on the move. They also allow runners to bring along some light gear without being a burden or inconvenience. They are available in different variations.

How to choose a hydration pack?

We suggest you consider the following when selecting a hydration pack:

  • The type of pack you want to use: the right pack fits well with your ideal activities.
  • Water and gear you want to pack: how much water and gear do you want to pack? Once you are sure of the much gear and water you want your pack to hold, it will be easier to narrow down to the right one.
  • Comfort: only settle for a comfortable fit for your size. You can try on the pack before buying to be sure it is what you actually need.
  • Features: what features are you looking for? Extra storage, comfort, or on-and-off valve? Choose a pack that includes all the features you want.

Choose wisely

Now that you know what a hydration pack is and what to look for, we encourage you to take your time to look around at the various options on the market before reaching a decision.

Keep in mind, as you choose, they are different types of packs. Plus, don’t forget to check if the features you want are included.