Meat-Free, Healthy Camping Food for Kids to Make and Enjoy

Making vegetarian camping recipes exciting and fun for kids can be a challenge, but here are some that are easy enough for kids to make, will bring giggles and taste great.

Crazy Clown Campfire Snack

If you say tomatoes and cheese, you might get a sneer. But call those grape or cherry tomatoes clown noses, and call mozzarella sticks clown makeup, and there’s a new game in town. Put some of both into a camping pan with olive oil on the campfire or stove, or place into some tin foil sprayed with olive oil or cooking spray. Add shredded carrots for clown hair if you’d like. Saute or roast in foil for 20 minutes.

Whitewater Camping Chili

Put a twist on the classic campfire dish with a new color and some no-meat ingredients. Get your camping crock on the camping stove or campfire. Add one can of vegetable broth (a.k.a. water), and a can of white beans such as cannellini or northern beans (river rocks).

Throw in diced add-ins of your choice (or the kids’ choice), such as tofu and celery (pretend logs or tree stumps), and season with basil (dirt or leaves). Simmer for an hour or two (the longer, the better). Serve in camping bowl, and garnish with crumbled or shredded white cheese. For a big family, double everything.

Worms and Bugs Camping Recipe

OK, so that sounds pretty gross, but it’s a great way to kid-ify a protein-rich vegetarian camping recipe (rice and beans). Get a pot of water boiling on the camping stove. The amount of water should match the amount required for your box of wild rice. Start rice cooking according to directions, and add in a can of black beans (bugs), French-cut green beans and shredded carrot (worms). Eww! So gross it must taste great!

Eating Trees

Broccoli and asparagus can both be hard sells for some kids. Let them get creative with it, though, and it becomes more appetizing. Cut a bunch of broccoli into long pieces with the flowers intact, and add some asparagus spears for your forest of trees. Tell the kids to add some forest finds (such as shredded cheese for snow, or celery as river boats). Wrap into a non-stick sheet of aluminum foil or spray foil. Cook on camping stove or campfire for 30 minutes.

Honey, I Shrunk My Lunch

Find all the miniature vegetables you can get your hands on, such as brussel sprouts (which are miniature version of the cabbage), baby corn, grape tomatoes and miniature carrots. Place them inside a non-stick or sprayed aluminum foil sheet, close and roast over the campfire or camping stove for 20 minutes.