Carp fishing bait is an important part of your adventure since hidden inside that bait is a concealed hook.

Homemade Bait vs. Readymade

That bait needs to draw the attention of the carp or they simply are not going to bite it, leaving you going home fishless and discouraged. Making your own carp fishing bait is really quite simple.

On the other hand, purchasing it on the Internet has really made this process extremely effortless and actually inexpensive.

When it comes to buying bait, there are several options. The local sporting goods stores usually either carry carp bait or order it. Online, there are vendors offering a choice of carp baits.

Some are commercially produced while others are homemade concoctions made from their special recipes. But please don`t make the mistake of thinking that manufactured bait is better than good ole homemade. That is a personal preference.

The Simple Recipe for Carp Bait

Making carp bait is a simple process. There are many recipes available online with fool-proof step-by-step instructions to get started. Then experiment until you come up with that bait that works when nothing else does.

Here is a good simple recipe to start with.

  1. Take a medium size bowl and add 8 oz. of grated cheese.
  2. Add 2 pints of all-purpose cooking flour, then mix them.
  3. Add 5 drops of citronella oil.
  4. Start adding water until the dough gets moist, not wet, just moist.
  5. Knead this into a dough and then make little half-inch-round balls.
  6. Place these in a warm oven or the sun to dry.
  7. After they dry, place them into boiling water.
  8. Begin skimming the ones that float to the surface.
  9. Repeat the drying process in a warm oven or in the sun.

That is all there is to making carp bait. People who make their own bait like to experiment with many other variations, such as different recipes and different flavorings. Some fishers use maple syrup, and some use peanut butter, just to name a couple.