In this Redington Hydrogen fly rod Review, we will share who should buy this rod and where you can use it. What are its key features and benefits?

Redington Hydrogen is the new and latest model designed by Redington, especially for trout anglers. Known as one of the lightest rods among its competitors, this rod offers superior precision and smooth casting. This fly rod is perfect for chasing out wily trout fishes. 

Consisting of different models that range from 2wt to 6wt, the rod comes at a starting price of $250 and goes up to $350 concerning the weight of the rod.

Redington Hydrogen Review

Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod (3100-4) - 3 Weight, 10' Fly Fishing Rod
  • The lightest rod in its class, pinpoint accuracy delivered through improved rod...
  • Skeletonized, CNC machined, anodized aluminum reel seat, Single-foot guides for...
  • Matte finish blank for flash reduction

Redington uses single-foot guidelines and a skeletonized reel seat to save the weight of the fly rod to become suitable for beginners. This makes the fly rod very lightweight.

The half-well exclusive cork handle is great, and the rod wrapping is all done with extra care. The finishing of the rod is not as incredible as you might see on other rods that cost twice as much, but it is by far very good.

The Redington Hydrogen fly rod is an awesome combination of value and performance. It is the ideal choice for catching and luring all sorts of fish, big or small. One can cast efficiently to all distances on both saltwater and freshwater conditions with no issues at all.

Available Models


If you are a small stream angler, this 276 HYDROGEN model is perfect for you as it is for tiny streams and small trout.

But if you are fishing for small creeks, then you need a rod with a tight loop presentation; for that purpose, we have 376 HYDROGEN.


  • Lightweight with great swinging
  • Highly durable
  • Accurate for Casting at all distances
  • Excellent Craftsmanship


  • No lifetime warranties
  • Lack of alignment dots
  • Rod is a bit stiff

Key Features, their Performance, and Benefits

Here, we will explore various aspects, such as the weight, build quality, Action, etc., of the Redington Hydrogen fly rod.

Is Redington Hydrogen lightweight with suitable distance and line?

Considered the lightest rod in the Redington Series, the weight of a 9ft Redington Hydrogen rod is just 2.5 ounces. This rod suits a beginner just starting out in fishing and wants to try out his/her fishing skills on a lengthier rod.

Weight models of Redington Hydrogen range from 7-weight to 10-weight. All the weight models come with improved rod tracking, which helps to monitor and control the movements of the fish. The line is made with carbon-inserted fiber, which is hard to break.

This helps the line to lure the fish easily without much effort. The standard length of Redington Hydrogen is 10ft, balancing the rod’s weight.

Does the Action of the rod effective in all conditions?

Angler can easily get a full swing on this rod with a minimum amount of time. Redington Hydrogen can easily perform on any river, lake, or ocean with accuracy and precision.

Redington Hydrogen rod has an upper curved section with a deeper bend in the lower section. This provides the necessary flexibility to the tip of the rod so that the line can reach farther.

A large amount of line can easily be loaded on the rod due to the large Arbor. This helps the rod to operate on different ranges. A narrow shaft in the rod helps the line to remain undisturbed while casting in the wind.

The material used in the making of this rod

Reel seats are made from a skeleton design. Skeleton design helps you to maintain control on the line much more effectively. Single-foot guides provided by Redington Hydrogen are a smart improvisation as they reduce the weight of the rod and can carry the heavyweight line.

The rod tube is made out of Cordura, which protects against corrosion and rust in saltwater. It is easy to shoot lines on the target with the help of a disc drag system made of nickel.

The drag system also helps the line easily roll back without interruption. Cork is surrounded by thread wraps to provide an extended grip.


Redington provides one of the best warranties available in the market, the lifetime warranty. Only first-time buyers or original buyers get the benefit of this warranty. If you neglect your rod or cause any damage, Redington will not provide you with any replacement or repair.

You should buy your rod only from an authorized retailer, not a second-hand dealer or retailer. Redington also provides replacement on each rod segment, which can be hard to find elsewhere in the market.

Variation in Casting and Overall Performance

You can easily cast many types of loops in any type of water. Tight loops help to catch small fishes, whereas loose loops help to catch large fishes. Positive hooks help to customize the range in which you are fishing.

Redington Hydrogen performs exceptionally well with medium-range casts. 15 ft is the minimum cast you can draw from Redington Hydrogen, and 50 ft is the maximum.

The rod’s bottom section helps maintain stability in both fresh and saltwater. Retrieving the capacity of Redington Hydrogen is fast and efficient. The floating line helps the rod to perform well against any type of fish.


For trout fishing, this is a perfect fly rod. Casting is smooth and accurate, and this featherweight rod has no chance of heaviness.

This is the perfect choice for an angler looking for a medium-fast action rod with plenty of flex in the blank, ideal if you like to fish in smaller water. The versatility blend with a wide range of variants for this rod will ensure that every fly fisher gets full value for the money he/she spends to buy this rod.  

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