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Orvis Encounter Review

Orvis Encounter is often considered the best entry-level rod, reflecting the definition of high quality. Best suitable especially for beginners, this rod is designed to perform perfectly well in both…

Camping Articles

Photo by Paul Chambers

9 Best 8 Person Tents Reviewed & Top Brands

When you purchase something via one of our links, we may get a commission. Find out more. Camping with more people is usually more fun, whether it’s your growing family…

17 Best Waterproof Backpacks For Every Budget

You’re looking for the greatest waterproof backpack for your needs, but there are many options. What you need to decide is whether you want a completely waterproof backpack or one…
Photo by Leon Contreras

8 Best Camping Fire Pits Reviewed & Buying Guide

Camping isn’t complete without a fire. However, not all campsites, particularly those off the usual road, come equipped with fire pits. But you already know that, which is why you’re…
camping kitchen

8 Best Camping Kitchens Reviewed

You’ve got the camping stove, the cooking utensils, and the food. And now you’re looking for a camping kitchen to help you stay neat and tidy. As you are surely…
Photo by Dexter Fernandes

5 Best Tent Heaters Reviewed For Winter Camping

Sometimes during a cold winter evening outdoors, a tent heater will really keep you from having hypothermia. It also gives additional coziness to your tents. Tent heaters are small and…

Hunting Articles


7 Best Multitools to Buy

Our team has tested and reviewed different multitools and in this article, let’s go and tackle the creams of the crop for this year! LEATHERMAN, Charge Plus TTi Our overall…

5 Best Hunting Binoculars for 2021

It’s not difficult to understand why hunters need great binoculars. To spot their prey, they need a device that lets them see their prospects properly. But what does it really…
Photo by Shoeib Abolhassani

Ten Tips for Turkey Hunting Success

Two veteran turkey hunters give advice on how to hunt turkeys. Readers may be surprised by the recommendations from these experienced outdoorsmen.
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia

2021s Best Hiking GPS

Are you a long-time hiker? Or are you new to it? Or you may simply be curious about GPS in general? Then, hop in! Here, we will review the best…

Rving Articles

camping kitchen

8 Best Camping Kitchens Reviewed

You’ve got the camping stove, the cooking utensils, and the food. And now you’re looking for a camping kitchen to help you stay neat and tidy. As you are surely…
camping toilet paper

5 Best Portable Camping Toilets Reviewed

Portable toilets are created primarily for mobility and portability, making them a must-have for anyone participating in recreational activities such as camping, fishing, RVing, and hunting. If you’re on the…

7 Common RV Electrical Problems and How to Fix Them

Electrical systems in recreational vehicles (RVs) are more sophisticated than in standard vehicles. Two 12V systems and one 120V system are available. This may surprise you, but RVs require electric…

Kayaking articles

Photo by Michael Niessl

Anatomy of a Canoe

A basic anatomy lesson describing the parts and terms used with canoes. A good starting point for learning more about the craft.
Photo by Jean Carlo Emer

Learning to Kayak

Kayaking can be exciting and fun, but for a new paddler, it may be intimidating and scary. The best way to get comfortable in a kayak is to practice.
Photo by Razvan Chisu

Safety Tips for Canoeing Beginners

Americans love canoeing, and go paddling on lakes and rivers year-round. Common-sense safety considerations help ensure that everyone has a great time.
Photo by Frank Busch

Dressing for Cold Weather Kayaking

Are you planning on going kayaking or boating this winter? Learn how to dress appropriately to keep yourself safe out on the water.
Photo by Kelsey Dody

How to Safely Lift a Kayak

I am a kayaker, and I am height-challenged. Though I am rather strong for my height, the act of moving a kayak has always been an issue. To get my…
Photo by Marcis Berzins

Kayak Fishing is Green Boating

The fishing kayak makes for a green sport. It creates no greenhouse gas emissions, uses no gasoline, requires no boat insurance, and it can be carried on a hybrid SUV.

Fishing articles

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Review

Considered a lightweight rod, Fenwick Aetos comes with 17 different models, but this can be a bit heavier for amateurs. This gives optimum performance in both freshwater and saltwater conditions.…
Scott Flex Fly Rod

Scott Flex Fly Rod Review

The Scott flex fly rod is a lightweight, high-performance rod equipped with a powerful butt section with a quick positive hook set. A positive hook set helps to control the…
sage x review

Sage X Flying Rod Review

The Sage X is an all-new fast-action taper-built rod with plenty of power behind it. This rod can be very useful for trout fishing as it is smooth to cast,…