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You’re looking for the greatest waterproof backpack for your needs, but there are many options.

What you need to decide is whether you want a completely waterproof backpack or one that is water-resistant. The two have their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

A waterproof backpack will, of course, be completely waterproof, but it will also be heavier and have fewer functions.

A water-resistant backpack, on the other hand, will only keep a small amount of water out. These are great in the rain, but that’s all they’re good for.

We’ve selected the top backpacks in this guide, some of which are waterproof and others that are only water-resistant. Look through the options to see which one best fits your requirements.

Let’s have a look at the best waterproof backpacks:

Our top pick is waterproof backpacks

FE Active – 30L Eco-Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

It’s a backpack with all the essential features: comfortable shoulder straps, front buckles, and a side pocket, but it’s also a Dry Bag. This implies that the bag is completely waterproof on its own.

It features excellent back support and adjustable straps to fit your body size. The waterproof backpack is made of durable materials. As a result, it will last for many years with heavy use.

Overall, the FE Active backpack stands out among its competition. It’s light, adaptable, long-lasting, and waterproof. This bag is worth the money. 

Specs & Features:

  • Made of a tick marine grade 5mm eco-friendly PVC
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Size: 21×13 inches
  • Capacity: 30L
  • It’s priced at around $38
  • Includes mesh side netting
  • Waterproof


  • It combines the functions of a backpack and a dry bag
  • Long hikes with comfortable shoulder straps
  • It’s not too heavy
  • It’s ideal for any water-based activity
  • It can be soaked for a brief duration


  • There aren’t many more pockets
  • There is a lack of ventilation and breathability

FENGDONG 40L Waterproof Backpack

If you’re looking for a ventilated backpack with a huge capacity, the FENGDONG bag is a great option. The pack’s breathable mesh design makes it suited for a variety of outdoor activities.

Furthermore, it is extremely light.

The backpack becomes quite convenient thanks to the mesh-designed shoulder straps with extra padding. 

You wouldn’t have any issues with storage. This is due to the bag’s design, which includes one large compartment and multiple little pockets for keeping your belongings tidy.

This backpack’s originality comes from its dependable waterproof technology, which effectively repels water. Furthermore, the bag is made of high-quality materials that will last a long time. 

Overall, the characteristics of this backpack are unrivaled, and it will undoubtedly make your outdoor excursion more pleasant. It’s small and light, so you can take it with you everywhere you go. It’s also quite breathable.

As a result, it can be utilized for various outdoor activities. It is unquestionably worthwhile. 

Specs & Features:

  • Weight: 1.8 lb.
  • Exceptionally breathable.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Large capacity: 40L.
  • Multiple pocket options.


  • The FENGDONG backpack is ideal for those looking for a lightweight and airy design.
  • Furthermore, the bag includes one huge storage area and many little pockets. All of this contributes to the safety and organization of your belongings.
  • Because it’s so tough, you’ll be able to take it on all your future outdoor adventures.


  • There’s nothing unusual or unique about the bag’s outer appearance.

Acrodo Dry Bag Patented Waterproof Backpack

Softly stated, the Acrodo Dry Bag is a beast. It’s the ideal backpack for any water-based activity or sport, such as kayaking, boating, or swimming.

This bag’s distinctiveness originates from its high-quality waterproof mechanism. The last thing you want from this bag is your belongings to get wet inside. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that the bag falls overboard, you may rest easy knowing that it will float.

Simply leave a tiny amount of space for air while packing your luggage, and it will ensure that your belongings do not end up at the bottom of the sea/river.

In addition, the Acrodo backpack is equipped with additional straps. As a result, other bags can attach to your backpack, forming a long and stable bag chain. However, because of the basic form of the straps, this bag is not appropriate for lengthy excursions.

When kayaking is your favorite outdoor activity, you can’t go wrong with it. 

Overall, the Acrodo backpack is an excellent choice for any water-related activity. It has a great waterproofing system. It also has a clean look and is well worth the investment.

Specs & Features:

  • Incredible waterproof system.
  • Suitable for kinds of water-based activities.
  • Built from high-quality materials.
  • Perfectly suitable for both hot & cold weather.


  • Waterproof protection puts this backpack on our “best” list. This bag will keep any water from getting near your belongings.
  • Another interesting feature is that this bag can really float.
  • It’s made of high-quality materials, so you can count on it to remain your backpack’s “friend” for longer. 


  • There aren’t enough pockets here. It has one spacious compartment, but you’ll have trouble tidying your belongings. 

Venture Pal 40L Backpack

If you value comfort above all else, the Venture Pal 40L Backpack is the right choice. That’s because the bag has mesh shoulder straps and additional padding for further comfort. Inappropriate use is the last thing you should expect from this bag.

Additionally, the bag is built with many pockets to keep your belongings organized. Furthermore, thanks to its elegant style, you will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd. 

In addition, the Venture backpack is made of high-quality materials. As a result, it guarantees that it will last you for a long time. Furthermore, it has a superb waterproof mechanism that will keep your personal stuff dry by repelling every single drop of water from the bag. 

When it comes to comfort, the Venture backpack is unquestionably worth it. A 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty are also included. 

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 6.3 x 19.3 Inch.
  • Weight: 0.7 lb.
  • Waterproof system.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Built from high-quality materials, therefore durable.
  • Exceptionally comfortable.


  • This backpack is, without a doubt, one of the comfiest bags available. It’s made with mesh shoulder straps for a more comfortable walk.
  • There are a lot of pockets in this bag. As a result, you’ll be able to keep track of everything.
  • Furthermore, because the backpack is highly sturdy, you won’t have to worry about having to replace it soon after the purchase.


  • Some buyers have complained that the bag’s zippers are difficult to work on. Be cautious of zippered pockets, as they might completely damage your bag’s water resistance.

Mengar Water-Resistant Packable Backpack 35L

The Mengal Water-Resistant Packable Backpack 35L is a practical backpack that is ideal for day trips and everyday tasks. It’s big enough to carry any important items that occur to the mind. It can also be used as your children’s shopping or school bag.

The backpack is also quite light, making it extremely practical. Because it’s composed of high-quality materials, this water-resistant backpack will last you a long time. The bag can also be readily adjusted to accommodate any person. 

Overall, this is a good value-for-money water-resistant bag. It’s an ideal present for everyone and may be utilized regularly for various purposes and duties. The water-resistant bag is lightweight and contains additional pockets.

It has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0. For the price, this bag is one of the best water-resistant backpacks available. 

Specs & Features:

  • It is constructed from durable polyester Diamond RipStop material
  • It comes with a large main compartment.
  • Large mesh-covered additional front pocket
  • Water-resistant
  • It is priced at around $20
  • Capacity: 35L
  • Weight: 0.45 lb


  • It’s really light, so it’ll provide you with comfort and convenience while you’re using it.
  • It includes a huge main compartment that can hold all of your personal belongings.
  • It’s made of high-quality polyester to last a long time.
  • It is reasonably priced, at roughly $20
  • Is ideal for everyday use and shorter hikes


  • It is only water-resistant, not waterproof. That implies it can protect your belongings from light rain, but it won’t be able to save them if it rains heavily.
  • Although it has a large main compartment, its smaller size means it won’t be able to hold all of your belongings, making it unsuitable for lengthy travels.

ARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Bag

If you’re looking for a lightweight, water-resistant backpack primarily built for trekking, look no further because the ARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Bag is your best option. It is made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time.

It also provides excellent waterproofing, protecting your belongings from wetness and even drenching. It’s available in five different sizes and 12 distinct colors. You can define your comfort based on the size you choose.

A single shoulder strap is included with the 5L and 10L options. The two shoulder straps on the 20L, 30L, and 40L models provide additional support when carrying the bag.

Overall, this is a unique waterproof backpack that is light and easy to use. It gives added comfort, allowing you to use it for longer periods.

Because of its waterproof system, which protects your belongings from water damage, the bag is ideally suited for vacation and hiking adventures. This product has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and is considered one of the best buys in its price category. 

Specs & Features:

  • Depending on your chosen option, it has a different size and weight.
  • Built from ripstop tarpaulin material with sturdy welded seams.
  • Capacity varies depending on the option you choose.


  • It’s light which adds to the comfort, and it’s ideal for hiking days.
  • Your belongings are successfully protected from water harm thanks to the waterproof system.
  • The backpack is simple to operate.
  • It has a floating appearance.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can select a different size and color.


  • It has a plain and simple design; therefore, it may not provide a pleasant view.
  • It might not be big enough to fit all of your hiking stuff inside. 

Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Bag

Vitchelo is a brand that makes some of the most durable backpacks with excellent waterproof protection. The Vitchelo 30L backpack is ideal for various water sports, including kayaking and boating. It can, however, be utilized for hiking and camping.

The architecture of this bag gives it its individuality. It is made of high-quality materials, such as a vinyl tarpaulin. Its excellent waterproof mechanism prevents water from getting into your equipment. 

Furthermore, this backpack includes additional mesh-designed pockets to allow you to carry more goods. The bag is also sand-proof, lightweight, and breathable, in addition to being waterproof.

All of this contributes to the overall comfort of your journey. Your purchase will be made easier by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Overall, this bag has a great appearance and is incredibly water-resistant. This backpack is unrivaled in terms of long-term durability. It’s unquestionably a fantastic alternative. 

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 26.8” x 12.6” x 7.1”
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Waterproof protection, along with sand-proof.
  • Breathable.
  • Convenient.
  • Built from vinyl tarpaulin.


  • The backpack is quite light. As a result, carrying becomes much easier.
  • Furthermore, it has a high level of waterproof and sand-proof resistance. It protects and organizes your equipment.
  • Extra mesh-style pockets have been added for added convenience.
  • The bag is quite long-lasting.


  • The side pockets are fairly small, so larger bottles may tumble out of your backpack if you place them there. 

IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Bag

IDRYBAG delivers a new generation of backpacks to the market. The IDRYBAG Waterproof backpack has a stylish appearance.

Furthermore, it comes with comfy straps to make your journeys more relaxing and delightful. The inside and outside pockets give this bag its individuality.

The interior pocket has plenty of enough space to keep the majority of your personal stuff. Flashlights and knives can be kept within easy reach in the external pocket. 

Furthermore, the bag has a multi-purpose design that makes it appropriate for various outdoor activities. 

In summary, you can’t go wrong with the IDRYBAG backpack if you’re searching for a stylish bag that’s also really comfy. It certainly has storage choices to keep your belongings organized. Furthermore, it is incredibly light. As a result, you can easily transport it wherever you go. 

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.3 x 21 inches.
  • Weight: 2.6 lb.
  • Lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • Sleek design.
  • Inner and outer pocket.
  • Multi-purpose.


  • The bag makes you stand out from the crowd thanks to its eye-catching design.
  • The inner and outer pockets perform an excellent job of efficiently keeping your belongings.
  • It’s really comfy, so your outdoor adventures will be more pleasurable and relaxing.
  • The backpack has a multi-functional design. As a result, it may be utilized for various outdoor activities, including kayaking, fishing, camping, and trekking.


  • This backpack isn’t likely to be one of the most durable backpacks available. Some users have complained that the straps may wear out after use. 

Diamond Candy Backpack

You can’t go wrong with the Diamond Candy Backpack if you’re a serious hiker or trekker. Because it has dependable waterproof protection, several pockets, and excellent comfort, it will make your outdoor adventures more fun.

The Diamond bag will prevent water from getting into your gear, allowing it to stay dry. Furthermore, the bag features four zippered compartments to organize all of your items. There’s even a laptop compartment. 

The bag is also pretty spacious and comfortable. Almost any piece of gear you bring with you will fit without difficulty. The Diamond backpack is just unrivaled in terms of durability.

It has the potential to last for many years. Furthermore, it is lightweight, which makes transporting it a delight. 

If outdoor activities are your passion, you can’t go wrong with this bag. The bag is exceptionally light and long-lasting. As a result, you’ll be able to use it on future outdoor adventures and make them even more fun. 

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.9 x 19.7 inches.
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds.
  • Durable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Waterproof.
  • 4 compartments.
  • Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • The backpack has 4 large compartments to keep all your equipment sorted out and safe.
  • Moreover, the bag is exceptionally lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere without hassle.


  • It doesn’t have an appealing design.
  • This bag will not be suited for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching appearance. It is, nonetheless, quite efficient in terms of storage and water resistance. 

Earth Pak 35L/55L Heavy Duty Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack

Are you seeking the best hiking backpack in this price range that can resist even the most extreme weather? Look no further because the Earth Pak 35L/55L Heavy Duty Roll-Top Waterproof Backpack is here in front of you, and it will provide your belongings with the protection and security that no other backpack can. It is available in 35L and 55L, depending on your needs.

Overall, this is a terrific waterproof backpack that does an excellent job of protecting your belongings from becoming wet. It is entirely waterproof and provides extra comfort, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere. The product has a 4.8 out of 5.0-star rating and is currently one of the top hiking waterproof backpacks on the market. 

Specs & Features:

  • Made from 500D PVC material.
  • It comes in four color options: blue, grey, green, and yellow.
  • It has two different size options: 35L and 55L.
  • It’s priced around $65.
  • Additional storage is available.


  • It offers comfortable paddling support that allows you to enjoy your trekking experience without being bothered by discomfort. 
  • You can keep your phone close to you wherever you go with a waterproof cell phone case.
  • Keep your belongings in your bag dry because of the excellent waterproof protection.


  • The seal between the front pocket and the inside of the backpack isn’t very strong, and it may easily be broken. Be careful because your bag will have trouble safeguarding your belongings if it breaks.

Sak Gear 35L BackSak Waterproof Backpack

Are you looking for a stylish and water-resistant backpack? The Sak Gear 35L BackSak Waterproof Backpack could be just what you’re looking for. In terms of water resistance, this back is very identical to the previous model. The open policy of this bag is one of its distinguishing features. 

As a result, if you wish to return it, you can do so at any time. That simply means that if this backpack isn’t the right fit for you, all you have to do is call and return it. Something that relaxes your thoughts. 

After all, this is an excellent choice for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in adventure trips while also safeguarding their personal belongings. The good thing about this backpack is that it has an open policy that allows you to return it after two years of use.

This backpack has a 4.6 out of 5.0-star rating and is one of the best waterproof backpacks available in the mid-price range.

Specs & Features:

  • Made from 500 Denier Waterproof PVC.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Two available sizes: 25L & 35L.
  • Size: depends on the option you choose.
  • Additional pockets are available such as an interior zipped pocket and mesh-designed pocket.


  • The beautiful thing about this place is that it has an open policy. You can return this bag at any time and receive a full refund. 
  • It features reflective patches for increased visibility.
  • It’s built of high-quality materials, ensuring the waterproof backpack lasts a long time.


  • The room is limited, and it isn’t designed for longer trips
  • Be careful with the zipper straps as they can easily be ripped off

Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Waterproof Backpack

The Hydraulic Dry Pack 65L from Sea to Summit is a dry bag with all the features of a hiking backpack. We acquired this waterproof backpack with hiking straps because lugging a dry bag with anything more than 50L through a waterfall or storm in the Cascades may be a pain in the buttocks.

Is it up to the task, despite being marketed as a premium device at a premium price? Sea to Summit has been lauded for its creativity and Hydraulic springs from this tradition for years. We tested it to determine if it would make a good addition to the S2S stable.

Specs & Features:

  • Laminated 600D fabric and welded seams
  • Adjustable, removable, EVA-foam padded harness
  • Welded TPU lash/tie-down points
  • The classic rolltop seal system
  • Cylindrical shape, oval bottom
  • Available in 35, 65, 90, and 120L sizes


  • The system is portable and comfortable to carry
  • Abrasion resistance and unpredictability are built into the design
  • PVC-free, UV-resistant
  • There are a couple different sizes available
  • Straps and supports that can be customized


  • Another fold could be possible in a roll top
  • On the higher end of the drybag price scale
  • For the back, there is no sweat-stopper or aeration pad

TOURIT Backpack

If you want a huge capacity backpack with a stylish design, this is the backpack for you. The main compartment of the TOURIT bag keeps your belongings safe and secure. On the other hand, the other two upper pockets keep your gear organized.

It’s also leak-proof and made of soft materials to ensure that you’re comfortable with the bag. In addition, the bag is backed by a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing flaws.

Overall, the TOURIT backpack is an excellent choice for individuals who want to stand out. It’s also lightweight, with several storage options to organize your belongings. It is unquestionably worthwhile.

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 17.7″ x 13.8″ x 10.0″ inches.
  • Weight: 4.6 lb.
  • Attractive design.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Durable.
  • Comfortable.


  • The TOURIT leak-proof backpack is unrivaled in terms of comfort. It is made of soft materials to make your journeys more comfortable.
  • The bag is also quite sturdy, allowing it to serve as your “friend” backpack for extended periods.
  • It certainly has a striking appearance. This is the bag for you if you want to stand out from the crowd. 


  • Some buyers report that the zippers are difficult to use

Skog Pro Waterproof Backpack

You can’t go wrong with the Skog Pro backpack if you need a heavy-duty backpack with an airtight and waterproof design. It looks like a sports sack, yet it may be used for various outdoor activities. 

It has one main compartment and two inner zippered pockets to keep all of your gear organized and accessible. It also has a built-in handle and a retractable shoulder strap, extending its adaptability to new heights. The backpack’s excellent waterproof protection will keep all of your gear clean and dry. 

Overall, this is a great bag that will make your vacation much more comfortable. Your gear is always dry, and you can readily access it thanks to the additional pockets that keep everything organized.

Specs & Features:

  • Dimensions: 24” x 11” x 11” inches.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • It’s quite attractive.
  • 1 large compartment and 2 inner zippered pockets.
  • Easy access.
  • High-quality waterproof protection.
  • Airtight.


  • The bag has a lot of room and two inner compartments to keep your belongings tidy and accessible.
  • The detachable shoulder strap and built-in handle make the carrying process much easier.
  • It’s also airtight and waterproof, ensuring your gear stays completely dry.


  • There are no larger side pockets for storing water bottles


If you’re going kayaking, the GILI Sports Waterproof Dry Bag is a great option for carrying your gear over your shoulder and keeping it safe and secure.

With a waterproof zipper pocket on the outside of the bag, this dry bag is more advanced than the other basic options. This helps you to get to tiny objects quickly without opening the main compartment.

The construction is sturdy, with a vinyl-coated fabric that is ideal for watertight protection. 

Overall, this bag is one of the most cost-effective dry bags on the market, and it will meet and surpass all of your expectations. This is a great bag for paddle boarding if you want something basic but functional.

Specs & Features:

  • Size: 15L
  • Outer zipped pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Quality materials used


  • The size is just right; it’s not too big, but big enough to hold lots of supplies.
  • If necessary, the strap can be removed. 
  • Beautiful print patterns with a variety of color options
  • When dropped in the water, it floats


  • The stock sells out way too quickly

SealLine Skylake 18-Liter Minimalist Waterproof Dry Daypack

This tiny backpack, made of waterproof PVC-free fabrics, is equally appropriate to outdoor adventurers as it is to commuters living in a temperate environment. Transport your belongings with style and keep them dry while remaining unobtrusive in every setting. 

The slim, basic design revolves around a spacious inside compartment that may be utilized to transport clothes, food, beverages, and anything else you need while on the go.

However, fragile devices or costly goods should not be stored in the front mesh pocket because there are no zipped pockets. 

The softly cushioned straps make carrying this backpack as pleasant as possible, and the sternum strap will assist you in balancing your weight.

This is an excellent compact daypack to consider if you want to take your basic belongings out and about while you ride, walk, run, or climb. On the other hand, laptop and camera users should probably look elsewhere because the sack-like shape is not safe.


  • When not in use, it folds up into a tiny package


  • There are no inner pockets to keep you organized

Gold Coast gear Waterproof Dry Bag, 30L

This is by far the best value for money option, with a low price considering its size. It’s a huge dry bag with a shoulder strap that has no frills. I strongly advise incorporating a shoulder strap if you opt for a large waterproof dry bag.

While all dry bags have a natural handle when closed, carrying one without a shoulder strap is a great headache.

Gold Coast Gear’s dry bags are manufactured of 500D Tarpaulin PVC 0.50mm thick, which means they’ll last a long time and keep you dry. There are no exterior pockets or zippers on this one; it only has a large main compartment.

This Gold Coast gear waterproof dry bag is the most affordable option among the bags on this list. Therefore it’s worth considering. Even as a backup bag to have on hand if you need to carry some extra items. 

Specs & Features:

  • Made from 500D Tarpaulin
  • 0.50mm thick material


  • The design is simple and comes in a variety of colors
  • It’s cost-effective, and there’s nothing to break on it. 
  • A shoulder strap is included, as well as a lifetime warranty


  • There are no pockets or zippers on the outside.

First, what’s the difference between water-resistant and waterproof? 

Although it may appear to be a minor distinction, these two names do have unique meanings. Waterproof, as the name implies, is the best at keeping moisture out and keeping you and your belongings dry in your backpack. On the other hand, water-resistant is a general phrase that refers to a fabric’s capacity to resist water seepage. 

Different brands have different standards for deciding whether something is water-resistant and when it is waterproof. Still, you’ll be fine if you trust the brand name (or you’re dealing with an outdoor gear business).

If you don’t find yourself in a heavy downpour, any of the backpacks on our list, whether they’re marketed as waterproof or water-resistant, will keep your belongings dry. Of course, if the weather forecast isn’t looking promising, you can always bring an extra rain cover or pack liner to help ensure that your valuables stay dry.

Why use a waterproof backpack?

Backpacks are a popular choice among today’s global explorers since they provide a highly efficient way to transport your belongings while allowing you to keep your hands free. You won’t want to be held back by luggage that underperforms when it matters since you want to discover the globe in the most hands-on way imaginable. 

Choose a backpack that will protect your clothes, gadgets, laptop, and other possessions from water damage in even the worst weather. Your waterproof backpack will rapidly become your new best buddy, from rainy days in the city to fast getaways, damp beaches, adventures in alpine blizzards, or tropical rain forests.

Poor weather, accidents near water, and engaging in aquatic sports all increase your chances of being soaked, both you and your valuables.

A good waterproof backpack will keep everything inside safe from water, leaks, and spills. These backpacks are also usually easier to clean and are often composed of fabrics that withstand moisture, such as sweat from our bodies, which can cause lesser bags to deteriorate and damage over time. 

Waterproof backpacks buying guide

You must confess that purchasing a waterfall backpack is not an easy task. There are numerous factors to consider before making a final selection. Capacity, extra storage, color variations, price range, and comfort are all important factors in determining whether or not the backpack you choose is worth it.

We’ll go through every detail of this shopping guide in detail. As a result, you can confidently leave this website knowing that you will be able to make the greatest purchasing decision and obtain the best waterproof backpack for your needs. 

Price range

Before you look at any bag, the first and most crucial thing you need to do is set a budget. Give it a minimum amount so you don’t go overboard with your spending. 

However, don’t worry about going over your top edge by a few dollars.

A good waterproof backpack usually costs between $50 and $100. However, some excellent options under $50 and some outstanding ones over $100 will astonish you. 


Another important consideration is the capacity of your backpack. The size of the waterproof bag you choose is determined by the function for which it will be used. A small-capacity backpack can be a good choice if you’re only planning to use your back for daily duties.

However, it provides additional storage, such as padded sleeves for your laptop. This will keep your belongings tidy and accessible. 

A waterproof backpack comes in the following sizes, as a general rule:

  • Daypacks typically have a capacity of 20 to 35 liters and are designed to carry an extra layer of clothes, drink, food, and other needs for days out at home or abroad.
  • Weekend backpacks come in sizes ranging from 40 to 50 liters and provide much-needed extra space for sleeping bags, toiletries, and extra clothing. These are perfect for a few nights away or as a daypack addition.
  • Multi-day backpacks have a capacity of 50 to 70 liters and are equipped with harnesses to help bear the extra weight of enough gear to last a week.
  • Expedition backpacks are larger, heavier, and made for full-fledged adventures. These are ideal for around-the-world journeys, with capacities ranging from 70 to 95 liters and various storage options. 

Additional storage

Pocket options and additional storage are two other factors to consider when purchasing a backpack. Keep in mind that buying a backpack that can’t hold all of your belongings is a waste of money. As a result, the more additional storage space your waterproof bag has, the better.

By investing in a water-resistant backpack with more than average pocket options, you can rest assured that your belongings will fit comfortably in the bag.

Outer pockets are also available, and mesh-style pockets are the most common type. They’re ideal for carrying water bottles. However, avoid putting anything there when it rains unless it is adequately covered. 


Color is the second most important consideration in your purchasing decision. Of course, that is a matter of personal taste. Most tourists, however, adhere to a few fundamental hues, such as black and green. However, if you prefer a different hue, go for it. 

When choosing the color of your waterproof backpack, there are a few things to remember. If you’re going to a tropical destination, avoid dark colors because they attract sunlight and can heat up your belongings.

And you particularly don’t want to do that if you’re carrying tech items like a camera or a laptop. 

Colors that are brighter and fluorescent are always a good choice. This is because it makes your back slightly more visible, which is important when exploring the great outdoors.

If you forget where you put your bag and forget where you put it, the bright colors will help you remember by making your backpack more visible. 

Weight of waterproof backpacks

Waterproof backpacks are heavier than ordinary hiking backpacks, by definition. This makes sense because waterproof backpack material is heavier than ultra-light nylon. The heavier the backpack is, the more durable the waterproofing material is.

Going light is definitely the best option if you’re searching for a waterproof backpack for everyday usage. Most folks don’t need to carry 20-30 pounds every day.

Construction and design features

Some waterproof backpacks are extremely simple in design. This could mean a large main compartment with a roll-down top and few pockets. I’m not a big fan of it. Pockets are an essential component of any great backpack. 

The bag’s seams fit together and are something to watch. If they tend to wrinkle (which you can generally see in images), this should raise red lights in your mind. After extensive use, creases frequently equate to splitting and damage.

Almost all of the waterproof backpacks on my list (even the most basic ones) come with compartments and organizational functions. However, some backpacks are unquestionably more well-equipped than others. 


Comfort determines whether you will use your waterproof backpack for longer lengths of time. Or you’re only going to take it with you on one trip. Understand that your back and shoulders will suffer if you don’t buy a convenient pack.

You will never be able to form a long-term relationship with this bag.

The design of the frame is an important consideration here. 

Before making a final selection, try putting your backpack on and testing it. Some businesses create waterproof backpacks with extra foam and cushioning to distribute the bag’s weight and make it more pleasant to wear. 

Carry options

Image credits: Amar Hussain

Backpack straps and a carrying handle are common features of waterproof backpacks. There are various options for carrying your backpack comfortably wherever you go.

Smaller backpacks may merely have simple shoulder straps to keep your belongings near while on the run; however, larger backpacks usually offer a variety of methods to carry your things with you. 

Backpack straps – the most recognizable of all baggage handles, backpack straps sit across your shoulders and are designed to keep the backpack against your body. 

Sternum straps – designed to help distribute the backpack’s weight and prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off your arms when you’re moving. 

Straps on the shoulders – this long, single strap is used to carry the backpack horizontally (think gym bags and shopping totes) and is useful for moving rapidly. It is not to be mistaken with backpack straps, even though they are both carried on the shoulder. 

Carry handles – when you need to move your backpack quickly to get it out of the way, throw it into the trunk of a car, or pick it up from the luggage carousel, carry handles are essential. 

Seams and closures

Image credits: Amar Hussain

Waterproof bags frequently have roll-down closures. Seams and closures are very important on waterproof backpacks because you don’t want any water to get in. Most will have either a zipper or a roll-down closure.

Roll-down closures can be locked and sealed with water-resistant Velcro, while zips can be made watertight by tucking them beneath a waterproof covering. 


Finally, we’d like to point out the bag’s adaptability. It’s critical to be aware of the weather conditions in the area or region where you’ll be traveling. You can choose which waterproof backpack is perfect for you this way.

If you’re planning a trip to a place with a lot of rain, you should get a waterproof backpack that is fully enclosed and sealed. If, on the other hand, your primary objective is to visit hot nations and beaches, then a bag with numerous additional pocket possibilities is the case for you since you’ll be able to carry water bottles within easy reach.

And, because you’ve made it this far, you now have a thorough understanding of the best waterproof backpacks currently available. 

We’ve made it simple for you by allowing you to go to any camping store and purchase one of the above bags. If you have something different in mind, this buying advice can help you choose whether buying the bag is correct or wrong.


Do I need a waterproof backpack?

If you enjoy hiking, water sports, or active travel, you’ll want to invest in a bag that will keep your belongings dry at all times.

A waterproof backpack can do all of this and more, including serving as your office or an office bag with a built-in laptop compartment.

Depending on your needs, you may choose from a variety of 30-55L backpacks – you don’t have to spend a fortune to locate the appropriate one. Read our guide to find out what kind of backpack you’ll need. 

What is the best waterproof backpack material?

Waterproof backpacks come in various textiles, each serving a distinct purpose. Look for a bag constructed of PVC Tarpaulin for a low-cost to mid-range waterproof backpack. For a long time, this fabric has shown to be both sturdy and waterproof. 

Can I use my everyday backpack for hiking?

The duration of your hike and what you want to carry will determine whether or not you utilize your normal backpack for hiking. It might work if you’re going on a short hike and only need a water bottle and a few essentials.

Your day backpack, on the other hand, will not be the best choice if you plan to carry all of your hiking and camping gear. 

Where should I pack my heavier items in a backpack?

Always pack your backpack so the heavier goods are in the middle and close to your back. Also, place quick-access goods in the side and front pockets to help distribute the weight of your pack.

Bulky things, such as your sleeping bag, should be placed at the bottom of your backpack, while lighter clothing and food should be placed at the top.