How to carefully choose your next RV destination

The very first thing you need to do before you start RVing is knowing where you want to go. If you hit the road without precise details of your destination, deciding on a great location can be tricky. To pick the right spot for your RV vacation, consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Planned activities
  • Dates of travel
  • Available camping options
  • Necessary amenities
  • RV size and equipment

You will find the above factors very helpful in narrowing down to the most suitable destinations, although they are not the only deciding factor.

Camping options

When it comes to camping options, there are three places you can park your RV. Not all those places you travel to will have all these options, so be prepared to find yourself going out of your way to find better camping spots.

Most options you have will be close to the following:

camp rv

  • Campgrounds

You will be in for a great experience if you spend your nights in national and state parks. Away from the typical world confusion and distractions, you will spend your nights as you connect with nature. The good news is that there are many national and state parks across the country you can explore.

One thing worth noting is that most campgrounds are booked far in advance. So make sure to make a reservation early or find an alternative place.

  • Free

You will come across some places you can park for free. Most of these places apply “the first-come, first serviced rules.”

Using or parking in such places is commonly known as drydocking or boondocking. You can always check out their website for the duration of time you are required to stay.

Just keep in mind that if you drydock, you won’t have access to any amenities. If you must access some amenities like water or electricity, consider using paid spots.

You can as well take advantage of some retail facilities like casinos, rest stops, and Camping Worlds that allow free RV parking for one night.

  • RV parks

camp rv

Parking in RV parks is a sure way to access essential amenities like Wi-Fi, water, electricity, and more. And the good thing is that almost all RV parks guarantee the best experience. Just remember the more you stay, the more you will pay, although sometimes you can be slapped with a discount for staying longer. Often, most RV parks cost around $40 a night, compared to the $20 a night of campgrounds.

How to pick your site

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Let’s now quickly go through some of the things to consider when choosing your site.

  • Check for essential amenities: What amenities are dear to you? Different sites have different amenities. Researching is advance will help you stay only in those locations that have the amenities you need most.
  • Utilize search filters: Why spend hours online while filters can really make your work simpler? Use them to narrow down to those options that are most appealing to you. You will be surprised how filters can help you pick the right site quickly.
  • Scenery: Looking to connect with nature? National and state parks are ideal places to stop. If looking for more greenery places, consider driving through Oregon. Basically, America has many gorgeous places to travel to; you just need to pick those places that are more appealing to you. Besides, you can always ask for help if you find it challenging to locate locations with the best scenery.
  • Read reviews: With RVing becoming popular each day, there are thousands of feedbacks out there on any location you could visit. Comb those feedbacks to determine whether the sites in your mind are worth visiting. Reading reviews can help you avoid those locations that can turn out to be a huge disappointment.
  • Pick an activity: What you plan to do out there will have a significant impact on where you go. Take your time, list the number of activities you want to do with your partner then proceed to choose your destination.

A successful RV trip starts by knowing your destination. So, before you hit the road, make sure you have searched and have accurate details for your RV trip. That way, you have a guarantee of a smooth experience worth remembering.