Consider this; you are out there RVing with your friends or family when your RV suddenly stops in the middle of the highway. To your surprise, you have run out of fuel, yet you had enough when you hit the road.

Worse, there is no gas station near you. You are now in trouble.

Such a scenario can be annoying and will likely happen when you least expect it. The good news is that you can reduce the likelihood of it happening if you know how much fuel your RV generator consumes.

So, how much does an RV generator burn?

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Below we have answered this question with facts so that you will be able to know how much fuel you will RV generator needs to propel you throughout the trip. To help you understand this even better, let’s have at the different types of RV generators.

The different types of RV generators

There are different types of RV generators on the market, and each is designed to run on a specific type of fuel. How much fuel your generator can run depends on the type you settle for. Make sure to pick one suitable for your RV for the best experience.  

The most frequently used fuel type generators are:

  • Propane
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel

Liquid propane generator

Liquid propane generator

If you are an environmentally-friendly person, you will love liquid propane. It is clean, eco-friendly, and has a long shelf life. The only downside you will have to brace is the runtime, as it depends on the size of the propane tank.

Power output could also be less than 10% compared to gas or diesel.

Gasoline generator

Gasoline generator

You have more peace of mind if you buy a gasoline generator than when you settle for a propane or diesel one. This is because gasoline is more affordable and accessible. But be aware that gasoline is more flammable and has a shorter shelf life.  

Diesel generator

Diesel generator

Using an RV that runs on diesel? It makes sense to go for a generator that runs on diesel, as this will avoid confusion when you visit the pump. Not to mention diesel produces more power than propane. It is safe to store and cleaner than gasoline.

How much fuel does an RV generator burns?

The best way to determine how much fuel you need for the entire trip is by first knowing the type of generator you own.

  • Propane generator’s fuel consumption

Propane generators burn fuel faster. For example, 35 kilowatts will be burning 6.1 gallons in each hour.

  • Gasoline generator’s fuel consumption

A gasoline generator has a higher fuel supply when it draws gasoline from the same source as the main engine.

On average, a standard 5,000-watt gasoline generator will burn at least 18 gallons of gasoline in 24 hours. This means you may need a gas reserve or regularly stop at gas stations to get your RV going.

  • Diesel generator’s fuel consumption

If you are looking for a fuel-friendly RV generator, pick one powered by diesel. For example, 30-kilowatt units will utilize 2.9 gallons every hour for a full load.

With the right care, maintenance, and operation, LP and gasoline generators can go up to 1,000 hours before a major haul. A diesel engine will last longer.

You can learn more here about RV generator fuel consumption.

Tips on how to save RV fuel

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Here are tried and tested tips you will find very helpful:

Camp closer to your home: Before deciding to travel 500 miles, try to find out if there are camping grounds near you.

Staying longer in specific areas: Consider those camping destinations with more to offer. Such sites will limit your movement hence saving on fuel.

Tunning up the engine properly, conducting regular maintenance, and inflating tires well will also help save on fuel.

Wrap up

Knowing how much different types of generator burns go a long way in making sure you have enough fuel before and once you hit the road. We have clearly demonstrated to you the commonly used RV generators and their fuel consumption.

Hopefully, this information was helpful. If we need further clarification, we are here to help.

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