Let’s face it, solo camping is one of the great ways to truly enjoy some time in nature, but also a little scary. You must be ready to brace for anything that comes your way all by yourself.

Women camping is more thrilling despite a few down moments, some of which are just misconceptions that are used to paint women solo camping as unfriendly.

Today we are here to clean the air about various misconceptions surrounding women during solo camping. Let’s dive deeper now. Ready?

Misconceptions about women solo camping

woman camping

A woman can’t carry as much as a man.

While it is true women and men are built differently, that does not mean women are disadvantaged when it comes to carrying loads. They can also carry as much as men or even more.

The trick is packing smart, where weight is distributed evenly and carrying 30% of your body weight for best results.

Showing emotion on a hike show weakness

Women have been known to tear up more often than men, and there is nothing wrong with that. When camping alone, she is also likely to tear up, maybe as a sign of joy for seeing something new.

She may even cry or make other noises to show how relieved or happy she is. For a man, he might be harboring joy or anxiety inside.

Women camping single aren’t as effective.

Who said men are more effective than women? That is total rubbish.

When camping by yourself, you are ready to handle everything by yourself. You are even fully equipped to handle what comes in your way.

Unlike when camping as a group, often, you will be slowing down to see what others are doing. That will affect your overall performance.

Camping alone as a woman increases your chance of being attacked.

Most men and women are always scared and overwhelmed by the idea of camping solo. The fear of the unknown (attack by animals in the wilderness) often forces many campers to consider camping as a group.

Animals are not like humans to single out who to attack. They can hurt anyone, whether a woman or a man. So, camping as a woman does not necessarily increase the chances of being attacked.

You should only be worried if camping in places where other people are camping as they may turn out to be more dangerous than animals.

The difference between men and women during solo camping

woman camping

There are a few things that distinguish women and men during solo camping. Below we have wrapped up four striking differences.

Physical fitness

Naturally, men gain muscles more quickly than women. While this does not mean men have guaranteed strength over women, it means that in some scenarios, for example, when camping, women will have to work twice as hard to achieve similar results in physical fitness.


Women tend to look out for different features that could become a problem later. They are even cautious of scenarios where things could go south and always take a step to stop specific occurrences from taking place.

Men carefully inspect the environment for problems that need to be solved. Often, they solve any emerging issue without necessarily thinking about what the problem might be.

Time and location

When it comes to reading maps, determining distance, and using GPS equipment, men are unbeaten. Women outshine men because they are better at understanding written directions and instructions.


Women are more detailed. They will check if the camping gears are fit for camping, whether the specifications are right, whether they are suitable to serve multiple purposes, and so on before going out on a camping trip.

Men on the other side will likely check if their gear and equipment are functional and leave it at that.

Proper personal hygiene for women while camping

woman camping

  • Tampon, cup, or pad: Always pack enough pads or tampons when going out on a camping trip. You could get your menstrual cycle even when you least expect it. Remember also to bring odor-protecting Ziploc bags with you. They help you store your tampon, pads, and cups well.
  • Self-defense items: Pack a few things that will help you in case of an attack. This could be a taser, bear spray, knife, or gun. Only bring a gun if you have a proper license.
  • Ultralight tent: Packing an ultralight tent leaves you with more room for other essentials.
  • Curved backpack: While you can buy any backpack, it is recommended to go for a backpack with a curved contour to the interior as it prevents your back from hurting.
  • Repellent lights: Lights that repel mosquitoes will come in handy when camping.


It is exciting when you come home after successfully camping solo for days, and you realize you succeeded in surviving your experience. This event motivates you to plan for more and more solo camping trips.