Staying hydrated when running or cycling is crucial to keep your pace up. One excellent way to stay hydrated (and which we highly recommend) is by using a hydration pack. A hydration pack is a lot better than a water bottle. 

Water bottles are only ideal if going for a short distance. But if you will be spending the better part of the day hiking or cycling, you are better off equipped with a hydration pack. Most packs can hold at least two-liter at a time, so you will have enough water to sip throughout. 

Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack

Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack

 Weighs only 26 ounces with adjustable shoulder straps, waist straps, and chest straps. The ergonomic design makes your back more comfortable. The soft, breathable mesh pad on the back keeps your back cool and dry.

The Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack is one of the packs we highly love. It is lightweight, has a leak-proof bladder, ergonomically fits your body, and keeps your water cold for long. Additionally, it offers excellent ventilation, carry more items, and there is more to this.

Key features

Lining and straps

The added mesh prevents heat buildup and excess sweating. The adjustable shoulder, waist, and chest straps allow you to create a comfortable design that is both breathable and comfortable. You will truly love this pack.


Are you planning to bring along some smart devices? This pack is large enough to accommodate all your essentials without taking up too much space. 


The insulation layer made from aluminum material provides an extra layer of insulation; hence your water stays cool for up to four hours. You can add a few ice cubes to keep your water cooler for a bit longer.


You are always protected in case of any issue like missing parts. The company gives you a 100% warranty if there is any issues, including replacements and refunds. 

 Water bladder

The bladder is made from non-toxic materials and has the capacity to hold two liters of water. Plus, it is leak-proof and has a large opening allowing you to clean and fit ice cubes effortlessly. 

How to use

If you have used a hydration pack before, you will not have any difficulty using this pack. Follow these steps to use your pack:

  • Place the water into the bladder through the top opening.
  • Secure the opening once you have put water into the bag.
  • Place the bladder into the backpack and secure it in place.
  • You can now add any excess items such as your keys or phone wallet in the backpack compartment.
  • When thirsty, switch the valve on, and bite down on the mouthpiece.
  • Water will automatically flow from the mouthpiece until you stop biting down.
  • Clean and dry your pack before storage once done with it.

What is included?

When you place your order, your unit will come with two compartments. A two-liter green bladder insert and a large exterior hydro pack, which fits properly inside the fabric hydration pack. This pack is available in blue, black, red, camo, and green colors.


  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Doesn’t leak


  • Heavy
  • Excellent for light outdoor activities


If looking for something bigger but closer to the Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack, the G4Free Hydration Pack will not let you down. It can accommodate up to three liters, is made from high-quality 600D polyester fabric, and has extra pockets. It is ideal for you if you love cycling, hiking and running.

The bottom line

While staying hydrated is essential when engaged in outdoor activities, your performance will be hurt if you keep on slowing down to refill your water bottle. And that is where a hydration pack like the Sharkmouth Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack comes in. This pack will keep you hydrated from the start to the end of your activity. It is a purchase worth every penny. Give it a try!