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Camping Articles

View on the inside of a picnic bag full of blue ice packs

The 8 Best Ice Packs for Coolers

Every decent camping cooler requires a high-quality ice pack to keep your food cool while you’re out in the wilderness. However, locating that ice pack is difficult due to the…
Photo by Hendrik Morkel

8 Best Camping Kettles Reviewed

Camping kettles feature a simple design that is intended to boil water quickly. When it comes to outdoor products, however, better packability and durable materials are required. Here are some…
Folding shovel. Tourist compass and rope. Dark mood

8 Best Camping Shovels Reviewed

A camping shovel is essential whether you want to make a fire pit, clear snow from a campsite, or dig a kitty hole to answer nature’s call. With so many…

Hunting Articles

Photo by Lewis Meyers

Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics

For successful fall turkey hunting, hunters must have a flexible mindset and adaptive tactics that completely differ from spring hunting.
Photo by Patrick Hendry

Types of Hearing Protection for Hunters

Some hearing protection devices for hunters offer hearing protection alone, while other models offer protection with amplification. Find out what's best.
Photo by Tim Foster

Bathing in the Backcountry

Something as simple as bathing can make a big difference to hygiene and morale while backpacking.
Photo by Delphine SCHIEB

What Can Deer Smell?

Deer have an excellent sense of smell, so it pays for hunters to think like deer when it comes to scent.

Rving Articles

Photo by Obi Onyeador

How to Store RV and Auto Tires

Advice from manufacturers Goodyear Tire and Michelin Tire will help save money by keeping RV tires running longer. Storage tips that apply equally to car and truck tires.
Photo by Togo RV

RV Travel with Kids

RV travel is quickly becoming a popular family vacation option, and there are many advantages to using an RV to travel with kids. Here are some reasons to go RVing.
Photo by Gab Pili

Save Gas on Road Trips

The ever-rising gas prices are enough to make anyone cancel a road trip, but your family need not stay at home. These are tips to save gas on your next…

Kayaking articles

Photo by Jeff Isaak

Kayaks Make for Great Paddling

For those who love the lure of the water, kayaking is a scenic, environmentally friendly and inexpensive way to way to have a great day.
Photo by Nancy Karels

How to Set up a Kayaker’s Kitchen

Cooking is a large part of wilderness camping when kayaking, but there are a few issues to consider when creating a successful outdoor kitchen. So, you have paddled your kayak…
Photo by Razvan Chisu

An Ethical Code for Kayakers

Take time to consider your effect on the environment while kayaking and develop your own personal code of paddling ethics.

Paddlers Safety Checklist

Here is an outline of actions and items that should be part of your next safe paddling trip compiled by the American Canoe Association and United States Coast Guard. Working…

The Complete Kayaker’s Gear List

Hypothermia Prevention, Swift Water Rescue and Safety Equipment Training and good gear can make all the difference in having a safe and enjoyable kayaking trip. Get your gear on. A…

Fishing articles


Northern Pike Fishing Tips and Tactics

Northern pike fishing, a recreation popular in the Northern U.S. and Canada, can be a blast. Following are pike fishing tips to maximize success.
LargeMouth Bass

What Do LargeMouth Bass Eat in Summer?

Largemouth bass are voracious predators in summer. Following are some top baits that mimic their food, answering the question, "What do bass eat in summer?"
Carp Fishing

Carp Fishing Bait Recipe

Follow this simple step by step recipe for a bait that will get the hook into a carp's mouth while other fishers are waiting for a bite