Seasoned runners, cyclists, and hikers who have been disadvantaged by water bottles can go to any length to purchase reliable hydration packs. A good hydration pack keeps you hydrated when you are on the move, and it is more convenient to carry and use than a water bottle.

MARCHWAY Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Backpack with 3L TPU Water Bladder, Military Daypack for Cycling, Hiking, Running, Climbing, Hunting, Biking
  • Streamlined and Compact Design: 19.7”x8.7”x2.6” in size. Ergonomically...
  • Reliable Material: Heavy duty 1000 Denier water repellent nylon with superior...
  • Practical Functions: 1 main pocket fits up to 3L water reservoir with either...

The Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack is one of the most reliable hydration packs you will find on the market. It is ergonomically designed, allowing for maximum comfort, and comes with some cool features you will really love.

For example, its straps are well padded, it comes with a well-designed mouthpiece, and the bladder is made of non-toxic material.

Who is this product for?

Anyone who takes hydration seriously while performing outdoor activities can use the unit comfortably. It is also ideal for military experts. If you hate using your hands to stay hydrated, you will truly love this pack. Give it a try!

What is included?

When you place an order, you will receive a 19 x 9 x 2 inches fabric hydration pack and a removable three-liter T.P.U water bladder. The reservoir is a breeze to clean and refill and can be purchased in different sizes.

Key features

Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack Review

Non-toxic water bladder

No need to worry about chemicals leaching into your water as the bladder is made from non-toxic material 


This pack is ergonomically designed and ideal for wearing for extended periods. It comes with three adjustable straps that have a mesh lining that helps speed up the airflow and keeps you fresh.

Enough storage

Besides the three-liter main pocket, this unit has additional pockets for storage. Plus, its design allows you to carry more items than expected.

Quality fabric

Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack is made from heavy-duty Denier fabric that is highly durable and waterproof. Not only that, but the last layer on top of the exterior is also military-grade webbing which is anti-fading, long-lasting, and keeps everything together. The extra plastic buckles prevent the bladder from slipping. 

Well-designed hose and mouthpiece

With a sizable connected hose that is easy to clean, a 360-degree rotatable mouthpiece, and an on-and-off valve that allows you to control the flow rate, this pack offers you a unique experience when sipping water.

How to use

It is easy to use the Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack. Just fill the bladder to 3/4th up to the top, secure the pack around your body, and use the adjustable straps to ensure it is a tight fit. You can add other items to the extra pockets. And you are ready to go!


  • Easy to use
  • Durable material
  • Large capacity 
  • Hands-free drinking
  • Ergonomic design


  • Leaks, when filled fully 


The best alternative to the Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack is the CamelBak M.U.L.E. Mountain Biking Hydration Pack. This one holds up to 100 ounces of water and features a sleek design that is perfect for cycling and other outdoor sports.

Additionally, it has additional pockets and reflective strips and is designed to last for years. Lastly, its adjustable belt buckles prevent slipping and keep it in place.

Final thought 

The Marchway Tactical Molle Hydration Pack is the right unit for you if you are looking for something sleek, has a large capacity, and comes with adjustable straps. Overall, this pack is one of the best of 2020. Give it a shot!

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