For a serene getaway filled with scenic beauty and adventure, the mesmerizing Lakeshore Drive is an absolute must on your Lake Mead tour. Nestled between the campgrounds of Las Vegas Bay and Boulder Beach/Lake Mead RV Village, Lakeshore Drive gracefully curves along the west shore of Boulder Basin, the western arm of Lake Mead located above the iconic Hoover Dam on the Nevada side.

This picturesque 7-mile (11 km) stretch is not just a road; it’s a gateway to a series of scenic overlooks and interesting stopovers, making your drive or afternoon bike cruise a memorable part of your day trip from Las Vegas. While you journey through historic Boulder City, each curve of the road en route to the Hoover Dam brings a new captivating view.

The drive is RV-friendly with parking available at the scenic overlooks. However, for big rigs, it might be a bit tricky to navigate the turnarounds. If you are bringing an RV, consider leaving it at the resort in Las Vegas or plan to make a day and night of it.

Your RV Parking Guide

Coming from the north on Lake Mead Parkway (564), you can park your RV at Las Vegas Bay. For a modest fee of $10 per night (services not included), you can enjoy the canyon and Lake Mead backed against your favorite camping site.

From the south, Highway 93 takes you through Boulder City – a charming place worth stopping by. Continue on to find yourself under the salt cedars or white eucalyptus at Boulder Beach, where you can settle for the night (no services, $10/night).

While both campgrounds offer washrooms, there are no showers or water for filling tanks. Alternatively, Lake Mead RV Village, offering 115 full-service sites, sits just a short distance from the beach – a perfect place for the more luxury-minded camper.

Unveiling the Scenic Overlooks of Lakeshore Drive

From north to south, the scenic overlooks you wouldn’t want to miss include:

  • Las Vegas Bay Scenic Overlook: Behold the bay and Las Vegas Wash which flows into it.
  • Three Island Scenic Overlook: Take a moment to gaze at Saddle, Sentinel, and Black islands, and other smaller, usually hidden formations when water levels are higher.
  • Rocky Point Scenic Overlook: The walkout on the promontory offers the best view.
  • 33 Hole Scenic Overlook: The name might sound unusual, but the picturesque scenery won’t disappoint.
  • Sunset View Overlook: Highlighting the rock colors in the evening, this is the perfect spot to end your day.

Other attractions worth noting include the Fish Hatchery (closed for renovations in 2011-2012), Boulder Harbor and boat launch (open at the time of writing), and Saddle Cove (boat launch closed at the time of writing due to low water levels).

A Taste of Adventure: Hiking/Biking Trails

The excitement continues with three available off-road hiking/biking trails:

  • Bluffs Trail: Leading from the Las Vegas Bay campground, the trail offers you a walk along the bluffs overlooking Las Vegas Bay and Wash.
  • Wetlands Trail: Follows a dry wash down to a flowing creek.
  • Historic Railroad Trail: Originating from the Alan Bible Visitor Center at the south end, the trail runs along an old railroad bed all the way to Hoover Dam.

As you continue south along Lakeshore Drive, you’ll encounter Hemenway Harbor and Marina, and the Lakeview Overlook.

Covering about 11 miles (17 km) from end to end, the tour of the scenic overlooks on Lakeshore Drive promises either a pleasant short evening jaunt or an enchanting afternoon bike ride complete with a picnic.

Whichever way you choose to explore it, Lakeshore Drive is a beautiful blend of nature’s charm and serene adventure, all wrapped up in a single memorable experience.