Do you need a hydration pack for every single adventure or run? If you are a newbie runner, cycler, or hiker, you may consider getting a hydration pack at some point. But is it worth it?

Why do some people prefer to forego this type of accessory? In this piece, we take you through the advantages and disadvantages of a hydration pack so that you can decide whether to make a purchase or drop the cash for something else.

Pros of using a hydration pack 

Here are some of the reasons why having a hydration pack is a good idea:


Hydration packs provide extra support no other water supply can offer. When cycling or running, it keeps your water strapped in place with a stable center hence helping you to keep your center of gravity. 

If hiking rough terrain, it keeps water near your hips and back, helping you to remain more stable throughout every scramble.

Potable water supply

Hate stopping while hiking, cycling, or running for water? A hydration pack will ensure you have enough water supply for as long as your water pouch is full.

Easy access

While many water bottle designs aim to be accessible as possible, they can’t beat the accessibility of a hydration pack when you are cycling, running, or hiking.

For example, hydration packs that come with a hose and mouthpiece allow you to sip water from your pouch without having to free up your hands. Is that something you really want?

Cons of using a hydration pack

Inconvenient Refilling

If you are used to water bottles, you will hate hydration packs that require you to remove everything in your bag to access the water pouch. For the best experience, make sure to drop some dollars for a pack that has an easily accessible pouch. 

Might miss when to refill

Water bottles are easier to look at to know whether or not a refill is necessary. That is not always the case with hydration packs that don’t have a monitoring system.

Unless you are keeping tabs, it might be challenging to know when is the right time to refill your pack.

Thorough Cleaning

Compared to water bottles, water pouches are not very easy to air out. This makes them prone to having microbes if not well cleaned. For that reason, it is crucial to consider your willingness to keep them clean all the time before making a purchase.

Final thought

A hydration pack is a great accessory you will love when hiking, running, or cycling. It is more convenient than carrying water bottles and allows you to drink water without having to free up your hands.

Actually, it is an accessory that will not let you down if you take good care of it.  Give it a try, and remember to share your experience!