Hydration pack mouthpieces are notorious for being tough to use. In fact, most people who are first adjusting to using hydration packs with mouthpieces always say they struggled before mastering how to use the mouthpiece properly.

So, don’t feel silly when you realize you can’t use your mouthpiece properly in the first days. Soon you will be a pro after a few uses.

When using a hydration pack mouthpiece, there are two types of valves you might be dealing with: push cap valve and bite valve. Let’s see how you can use these valves to make the most of your hydration pack.

How to use hydration pack mouthpiece 

There are two main types of mouthpieces you might find on your hydration pack: a push-pull valve mouthpiece or a bite mouthpiece. Each of these mouthpieces is used differently, and many people love them for that reason.

Push-Pull Mouthpieces

There is a good chance you have used the push-pull mouthpieces before as they are also found in many store-bought drinks and on many reusable water bottles. They are also known as push caps and are very easy to use. 

To drink water, you just need to use either your teeth or hands to pull the top part of the cap away from the rest of the cap so that it opens up. Once done, remember to push the cap back down to lock it in place and to prevent spills.

Bite mouthpieces

These are completely hand-free mouthpiece that depends on the pressure applied for water to come out. You simply put your teeth or lips around it, apply pressure, and water will start flowing.

Some people have reported having difficulty with the bite-valve system at first, but this system is easy to use when you master it.

Tip! You manage to get some water because of the difference in pressure when you bite the mouthpiece. 

Which system is better?

Honestly, both systems are great and do a decent job. However, most people prefer push cap valves to bite valves because they allow water to come out more quickly and easily.

There is a small fraction that still hates this system because it necessitates one to free up hands to be able to sip some water.

When it comes to the bite-valve system, many people find it challenging to bite to get some water. Not only that, but some people claim water comes out slower than they like.

Despite these downsides, the bite-valve system is an excellent alternative if looking for a hand-free system that will allow you to focus on what you are doing.

Choose what works for you.

While both systems are great, it is always crucial to fall for a system that works for you well. Is it the push cap valve system or the bite valve system? We leave you to decide after trying the two systems.

All the best and you are free to contact us anytime you need a hand in choosing a suitable mouthpiece.