As an avid cyclist myself, I understand the exhilaration of coasting down roads and trails, the rhythmic cadence of the ride, and the sheer joy cycling brings. The cycling experience becomes even more rewarding when we can track our progress, push our limits, and achieve new personal bests. In this digital age, the iPhone has become an excellent tool to monitor your cycling endeavors.

So, let’s jump into how you can optimize your cycling experience with your iPhone.

Tracking Your Cycling Progress: Harness the Power of Your iPhone

As we pedal through the lanes, avenues, and mountain trails, our iPhones can capture a wealth of data. Let’s walk through the steps to tap into this potential:

Step 1: Select the Right App

There’s an abundance of apps available for cyclists, but the right one for you should meet your specific needs and offer comprehensive cycling data. Ideally, your chosen app should be able to track:

  • Average speed
  • Real-time speed
  • Average and total distance cycled
  • Calories burned
  • Elevation-ridden (optional)

Stick with me as I delve into some fantastic cycling apps a bit later in this article.

Step 2: Install the Chosen App

Once you’ve selected an app, download it from the Apple Store. User ratings and reviews can guide you toward the most reliable options. While some apps may require payment, consider this an investment toward your cycling goals.

Step 3: Time to Track

With your chosen app installed, you’re ready to hit the road. Gear up, get your bike ready, and step into the great outdoors. Fire up your app, input your start and end points, and let the tracking begin.

The app will record your journey, providing valuable insights upon completion. Monitor your progress, set new targets, and witness your performance improve over time. Also, explore community features in these apps, where you can learn from fellow cyclists and even get personalized coaching.

Top Cycling Apps for Your iPhone

Let’s take a deeper look at some apps that offer comprehensive cycling tracking on your iPhone.

Apple Health App

The Apple Health app, a built-in app for iOS, is a handy tool for tracking a variety of fitness activities, including cycling. It provides basic cycling data such as distance and speed. If you want to delve deeper into your performance statistics, you might want to consider some third-party apps.


With a 4.8/5.00 user rating, Strava is a favorite among cycling enthusiasts. Strava isn’t just an app; it’s a community, a hub where cyclists can compare their performances with others on the same route. The app also logs your riding history, allowing you to revisit past performances.


Komoot, while primarily a navigational tool, also effectively tracks cycling performance. It’s unique for its ‘Highlights’ feature, where users can share reviews of their routes.

Although the app is free on the Apple store, you must make in-app purchases using some premium features.

Map My Ride

‘Map My Ride’ offers an immersive user experience, with an array of information displayed in a clean, accessible interface. From distance traveled to calories burnt, it offers a comprehensive overview of your cycling sessions.

Wahoo Fitness

‘Wahoo Fitness’ is a well-reviewed, comprehensive free tracking app. Its features are all-inclusive, with no premium version necessary.

Training Peaks

For the serious cyclists among us, ‘Training Peaks’ offers a data-driven, immersive experience, akin to having a personalized cycling coach.

Why Track Your Cycling?

Tracking your cycling sessions offers a plethora of benefits. It allows for health management, performance improvement, and an overall more enriched cycling experience.


Our iPhones have made cycling tracking easier than ever. Investing in a fitness tracker can provide an even more in-depth insight into your cycling sessions, usually at an affordable price.

Safety should always be a priority while cycling. Never compromise on protective gear and always keep your eyes on the road. Remember, it’s essential to keep the joy in your cycling journey, even as you track your progress. Keep cycling, keep improving, and most importantly, keep enjoying the ride!