Your dog is part of your family member nobody wants to leave behind on an outdoor vacation. Some tips on how it might be possible to take the family’s best friend camping.

Taking a pet along on vacation is a dream for many, though it’s not often possible on most holidays. A family adventure vacation, however, might be just what the vet ordered – provided certain conditions are fulfilled.

Permissions for a Pet on a Camping Holiday

Pet on a Camping

Before making any plans, check around to see which locations allow pets to be brought along on a camp holiday. While wilderness areas might not allow dogs or other pets, there may be holiday camping parks that do not mind a well-behaved dog.

Remember, well-behaved is the operational word. If the dog in question is disobedient, even if only on account of high spirits, it might be safer all around to drop the plan of taking him along.

Obedience and discipline are essential when a dog is taken out of his usual surroundings, and immediate response to commands like heel, stop, stay, and no is mandatory for safety.

Traveling with a Dog on an Outdoor Vacation

Pet on a Camping

Once permission is obtained, there will be some vehicular travel to the start point of the camping holiday – this will need to be by car in order to carry the dog along. If your dog tends to get car sick, keep your dog meals light the evening before departure, and skip the morning feed.

Traveling on an empty stomach means there will be no question of soiling the car, nor will there be a need to keep a constant watch on your dog and be ready to step on the brake the minute she retches.

Once the car travel is over and the walking or camping begins, give your dog a hearty meal and plenty of water.

Pet Safety on a Camp Holiday

Pet on a Camping

It’s a good idea to get the dog used to the idea that one particular couch, rug, or mat, is home. Carrying this along and placing it in a vehicle or tent tells the dog that this is now his temporary home and that your dog should not wander from there.

If the dog does not understand this immediately, command him to sleep on the rug and tell him to stay. Do this a couple of times till your dog understands. It is extremely important to get the dog to understand this, as wandering alone might be unsafe for him.

A couple of his favorite toys will also make him more comfortable and at ease. Keep him in the tent with one or more of the family members at night.

Before leaving, make sure your dog has had all his shots. Research the camp location. If the area is likely to be tick-infested, check with your dog’s vet for the best protection.

Feeding a Pet on an Outdoor Adventure Vacation

It would be advisable to carry dry food that your dog usually eats at home since new food in a strange place might affect his digestion. Ensure there is always plenty of clean drinking water available so your dog stays hydrated. Supplement with doggy treats.

Carrying a pet along can be a bit of an effort, but it’s not too difficult on a driving camp holiday, and the joy of the experience makes it worthwhile.

Have at least one family member stay with him at all times, and watch how your dog opens up to the great outdoors!