Video shooting while riding a cycle is fun but difficult as well. You can’t hold a camera or phone and shoot a video while riding your cycle. It is not only risky, but the video quality deteriorates too. The footage includes more jerks, and you won’t get a stable or steady video. 

To solve this issue and get top-notch videos, mounting an action camera on your helmet is the only way out. It keeps the camera steady over your helmet, the footage captured is clear, and the risk is zero as you don’t hold the camera in your hand while riding. 

But how to mount an action camera on the bicycle helmet? Let me explain this to you in the latter part of the article: 

3 Steps To Mount An Action Camera On Bicycle Helmet:

There are a few steps that you should follow to attach a bicycle helmet mount. Though there are other ways of placing an action camera on a bicycle helmet, I would first mention the most common and easiest way to mount an action camera on a bicycle helmet:

Step 1: Place The Mount: 

You must place the mount in the middle or center of the helmet’s upper shell. The amount must be in the middle to get balanced and complete footage. 

After you place the mount just at the midpoint of the helmet, you now have to find some vents through which you would pass the straps of the mount. Holding the mount in the center, insert the straps into the vents on two sides and bring them back to the center near the mount again.

The straps should tightly wrap around the vents. Don’t make it lose. Otherwise, the mount would not fix firmly. 

Step 2: Fasten The Straps Using Clips:

Once you remove the straps in the middle, you must open the clips on both sides of the mount. 

After you open the clips, insert the straps through the clips. Tighten a bit but don’t make it too tight. Notice that the straps should not be loose around the vents. Hold the straps firmly and make it go through the clip. 

As you do so, pull the straps up again to check that it is tight enough. As you are holding the straps securely, use both your thumbs to click off the clip and lock them simultaneously. 

Don’t let the straps out of your hand until the clip is locked. Once the clip is locked, the straps are now secured, and now is the turn to mount the camera. 

Step 3: Mount The Camera:

Now you can see the mounting system fastened over the helmet. You can see a screw in the middle. Now put your camera on the mount and tighten the screws so that the camera sits well on the system. 

Decide the angle and direction of your camera and work accordingly to set up the camera. And you are done with mounting the action camera on a bicycle helmet!

3 Ways To Mount An Action Camera On Bicycle Helmet:

You can mount an action in three different ways. Each way is unique, and you can select the one that makes you comfortable and improves your riding convenience. You can apply any of the three techniques on your bicycle helmet, depending on which helmet you use. 

Here are the three ways of mounting an action camera on a bicycle helmet:

1. Chin Helmet Mounting:

A chin helmet mount will be the best if you want to make a video that matches your eye level. These videos look more real and impactful as it feels that your eyes have captured the video. It happens because of the angle and position of the camera. 

Most chin mounting systems have straps you need to attach to the helmet. The straps would firmly sit on your helmet, and the camera would be placed near the chin buckle. Where the camera sits, it has four joints with a screw in the middle. The action camera is fixed on the screw, and you can rotate the joints to decide the position and fix the camera. 

These mounts also have an extended mount so you can stretch them and take selfies. 

All in all, these mounts are for positioning on your chin area. You can click photos or shoot videos with action cameras like GoPro and get realistic, stabilized (depending on the camera), and an amazing angle of footage that would be enjoyable to watch. However, these are mostly for motorcycle helmets and may not be the best option for bicycle helmets. 

2. Bicycle Helmet Mounting:

The common bicycle mounting is the mounting that goes over the helmet. The straps go in between the holes of the helmet and sit in the middle of the helmet. It would capture 360-degree footage and keep it at any angle you want. 

The action camera is mounted the same way as the previous one. You must set the camera on a joint over a screw, fix it well, and start the camera. This is the best mounting method, as you get full coverage and a clear, broad road vision. 

This camera is suitable for high-speed and long rides as you need not think of the camera fixed over the helmet, and it won’t interrupt your ride. 

3. Skiing Helmet Mounting:

A skiing helmet mount is on one side of the helmet. The mount is attached to the upper surface of the helmet by strong adhesive. As the mount is attached to the helmet, the camera has to be fixed on the mount. 

The mounting system is the same as the other mounts. You have to fix the camera on a screw which is there due to the joints. The camera sits on the screw and is supported by the joints so that the camera doesn’t move or fall off. 

The skiing helmet doesn’t feature straps, as the mount completely relies on the adhesive attachment. 

You can use any of the systems mentioned above. However, the best option is to use bicycle helmet mounting, where the camera covers the helmet. 

What Is The Best Place On Bicycle Helmets To Mount An Action Camera?

On a bicycle helmet, you can either fix the camera at one side of the helmet or over the helmet on the upper shell. But which one is better? 

It is best to mount an action camera over the helmet at the top. Here are the reasons:

  • The first reason to mount an action over your helmet is the footage you get. As the helmet remains at the center, it covers the entire view, front, back, or sideways. You get clear and balanced footage like what you see while riding.
  • The second reason is that you get a 360-degree view of the surroundings. Whereas with a chin or side mounting system, you can’t cover a 360-degree view. It means the upper mounting system is the best to get the best overall view.
  • The third reason is that the system is fastened firmly and tightly with straps through the vents on your helmet. The chance of falling off, tilting, or shaking is less than in the other systems. If you fasten the straps strongly, it won’t get off the place. But the chin mounts may fall off, and if the adhesive is not strong, the device can fall off. 

    Considering all these factors, mounting an action camera over your head on the helmet is the best choice you can ever get. 

Why Do We Need To Mount An Action Camera On Bicycle Helmet?

Many may like to know the necessity of mounting an action camera on the bicycle helmet. Why do we do so?

Here are some reasons that you must keep in mind to understand why mounting an action camera is preferable:

  • For people who love videography and photography and want to capture moments of their rides, mounting an action camera over the helmet is the best choice. It gives realistic and phenomenal footage that can enthrall you and others.

    Especially for bloggers, it is necessary. If you are traveling to mountains or beaches and cycling there, think of the mesmerizing videos and photos you shoot and take! For capturing such amazing moments effortlessly, mounting an action camera is needed.
  • People not interested in making random traveling videos can also buy a mounting system for safety and evidence. If someone intentionally hurts you on the road or hits your bike, the footage would be captured on the action camera.

    You can use that footage as evidence. In any case of road rage, the footage would help you. Also, if you want to use your insurance, this footage would help you.
  • Another reason for mounting an action camera is to avoid risks on the road. If you are an amateur photographer or videographer and like to shoot with a mobile phone, you may need to hold a camera or phone while riding.

    You can easily eliminate the hassle and concentrate fully on cycling by mounting an action camera on the helmet. It would help you focus on riding, and the action camera would do the shooting and clicking tasks. Thus, the risk of accidents is reduced.

How To Use A Skiing Mounting System?

Though it is not a usual way to mount an action camera, people often prefer a mounting skiing system due to its portability and usability. 

A skiing mount system is simple to use. The mounting device has a strong adhesive. This adhesive part has to be on the helmet. You have to attach the adhesive mount to one side of the helmet. It is super easy as the adhesive instantly attaches to the helmet body. 

After you position the mount to one side of the helmet, you must unleash the buckles. Then you can slide open the adhesive mount with the screw to attach the camera. 

As you see the platform sticking out of the adhesive mount, place the camera, tighten the screw, and fix the camera. And you are done!

This is an alternative who doesn’t want to make the trouble of fastening straps. It is easy and simple to use adhesive mounts. However, you can’t get the center view with this mount as it would be placed at the side of the helmet. 

Is It Illegal To Mount An Action Camera On The Helmet?

Many people ask whether it is illegal to mount an action camera on the helmet. This is a valid question, as you add an extra device to your helmet, which saves your head from injuries. For such reasons, many people get fined for traffic too. But what does the law say?

There is no prohibition to mount an action camera on your helmet unless you destroy the structure or safety measures. 

If you make a hole in the helmet or don’t fasten the helmet straps properly to mount an action camera, only then is it illegal, as you have destroyed the safety parameters of the helmet. 

However, if you mount an action camera accurately and correctly without distorting the helmet, you have the right to do so. And if anyone asks for fines, you should fight back because you haven’t breached the safety parameters.


Now that you have learned how to mount an action camera on a bicycle helmet, which mounting system will you get? Remember to buy a system compatible with your helmet that makes shooting and clicking easy. 

Decide today and get ready to capture the essence of cycling and the extraordinary views you enjoy.