As an avid cyclist with years of experience in capturing thrilling moments during my rides, I understand how exhilarating video shooting while cycling can be. However, the challenge lies in achieving steady, high-quality footage without compromising safety.

Mounting an action camera on your bicycle helmet is the perfect solution. Through my extensive experience and insights, I’ll guide you through the seamless process of mounting an action camera, ensuring clear footage while keeping your hands free for safer riding.

The Unmatched Benefits of Mounting an Action Camera

Mounting an action camera on your helmet not only ensures steady footage but also enhances your overall cycling experience. Here’s why:

  • Realistic Capture: It records what you see, mimicking your eye-level view.
  • Safety and Convenience: Keep your hands on the handlebars, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Evidence in Case of Incidents: The footage can be used as evidence in case of road incidents.
  • Stunning Perspectives: Capture unique angles and breathtaking views that enrich your storytelling.

Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting an Action Camera on a Bicycle Helmet

Step 1: Place The Mount

Start by placing the mount at the center of the helmet’s upper shell for balanced footage. Search for vents on your helmet through which you can pass the straps of the mount.

Insert the straps into the vents on both sides and bring them back to the center. Ensure that the straps are tightly wrapped around the vents.

Step 2: Fasten The Straps Using Clips

Next, open the clips on both sides of the mount. Insert the straps through the clips, making sure not to make it too tight or too loose. As you hold the straps securely, use your thumbs to lock the clips. It’s crucial to ensure that the clips are locked before proceeding.

Step 3: Mount The Camera

With the mounting system fastened on the helmet, place your camera on the mount and tighten the screws. Adjust the angle and direction of your camera according to your preference.

Alternative Mounting Techniques

While the above method is common and easy, there are alternative ways to mount your action camera depending on your helmet type and personal preference.

  1. Chin Helmet Mounting: This method positions the camera near your chin, creating a more realistic perspective. It’s commonly used with action cameras like GoPro. This mount is mostly suitable for motorcycle helmets.
  2. Bicycle Helmet Mounting: This involves mounting the camera over the helmet, capturing a 360-degree view. This method is particularly suitable for high-speed and long rides.
  3. Skiing Helmet Mounting: This mount is attached to one side of the helmet using a strong adhesive. While simple and portable, it doesn’t offer a central view.

Expert Tip: The Best Position to Mount Your Camera

In my experience, the best position to mount an action camera on a bicycle helmet is at the top. This position offers a balanced and clear view, mimicking what you see while riding. Additionally, it captures a 360-degree view of your surroundings and is more secure, minimizing the risk of the camera falling off.

Legal Aspects: Stay Informed

It’s important to know the legal aspects of mounting an action camera. Generally, it is legal as long as it doesn’t compromise the helmet’s safety features. Avoid altering the helmet structure, such as making holes, as this can render it illegal.

Conclusion: Capture the World from Your Perspective

Equipped with this knowledge, you’re all set to mount an action camera on your bicycle helmet like a pro. Whether you’re an aspiring videographer, a cyclist who wants to record their rides, or a mountain biker eager to capture their exciting trails, this setup will provide the perfect angle for capturing your adventures.

However, remember that safety should be your utmost priority. Always make sure that the camera mount does not compromise the helmet’s safety features or your ability to wear and use the helmet properly. If your helmet has a specific area designed for mounting cameras, use that as your first option.

Keep in mind that every ride is a story waiting to be told, and with the right gear and set-up, you’re well on your way to capturing and sharing yours. With the action camera mounted on your helmet, you’re ready to ride with confidence, knowing you’ll capture every thrilling moment along the way.

Happy riding and filming! Enjoy your journey and remember to keep safety as your top priority at all times.