How to choose an RV park is a question that many travelers often ask themselves. There are many year-round RV parks that are popular for various reasons, such as nearby summer and winter outdoor activities, RV camping, and a chance for winter visitors to get away from extreme temperatures in colder areas.

During the winter, many retirees travel in their RVs to warmer places and stay in RV parks. These types of parks can be low-priced and simple or pricey and elaborate.

First, think about what conveniences and luxuries are needed or desired in RV parks throughout the United States.

Overnight or Short Stays at RV Parks

For the person looking to stay overnight or for just a few days, it is smart to stay at an RV park that offers only minimum accommodations and basic hookups, such as restrooms, showers, water, and power. After all, there is no reason to pay for extra amenities that will not be used.

RV Parks for Family Vacations

Families who are thinking about vacationing in their RV and staying at an RV park for more than a night or two may want more amenities, such as a laundry room, waste dumping, swimming pool, and playground equipment.

It is also a good idea to first check out what places are nearby for recreation. Some of the options to think about include:

  • golf courses
  • miniature golf courses
  • pizza parlors with video games
  • restaurants
  • museums
  • water parks
  • amusement parks
  • splash pads
  • lakes and fishing
  • hiking trails
  • skiing
  • movie theaters
  • antique and specialty shops.

Winter Visitors and Permanent Residents

Permanent residents or visitors who stay through the winter in RV parks will make use of the more pricey parks that offer additional luxuries, such as a recreational hall and/or clubhouse, walking and bicycling paths, volleyball and tennis courts, shuffleboard, cards, bingo, arts & crafts, exercise rooms, weekly potluck dinners and gatherings, saunas, jacuzzis, hot tubs, cable TV and Internet access.


Staying in RV parks throughout the United States can be a pleasant way to spend a vacation. An RV park can also be an enjoyable place to stay year-round.

Checking them out online before staying at or moving into one can answer many questions about how to choose an RV park, for it is the best way to see what niceties and luxuries RV parks have to offer.