There is more to do in Texas!

However, nothing beats going outside and taking in the clean air and scenery. That’s why you’ll be pleased to learn that Texas possesses numerous excellent hiking trails to choose from.

If you’re looking for a great hiking trail in Texas, here are five among our favorites.

Reimer’s Ranch

Reimer’s Ranch

14.7 miles in length

This moderate loop near Dripping Springs is ideal for hiking, cycling, and mountain biking.

The breathtaking view is what truly distinguishes this trail. If you go at the perfect time of year, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of wildflowers along a scenic river trail! This trail might be a little long, but it is not to be skipped by hikers.

Sculpture Falls Hike

Sculpture Falls Hike
by inspire texas now

5.0 miles in length

The Barton Creek trail is really popular, and for a good reason! The falls provide an ideal setting for walking, hiking, and mountain biking.

This hike is accessible all year, is not challenging, and puppies are welcome to accompany their owners. Regardless of how many people are around, the flowing water will undoubtedly make you feel peaceful.

South Rim Trail

Distance traveled: 11.9 miles.

This route, also known as the Boot Springs Trail, is not suitable for inexperienced hikers. If you’re searching for such a trail that will push you, this is really the trail for you.

And while it may be difficult, don’t assume it can’t be enjoyable. This trail provides a breathtaking great view that is far beyond everything you’ve ever been to, as well as stunning wildflowers. Bird watchers will enjoy the wildlife here as well.

Kirby Trail

Distance: 3.8 miles

This trail, like the previous one, features stunning scenery and biodiversity. This hiking trail, unlike the previous one, is suitable for hikers of all levels of skill.

This relatively open path is ideal for birdwatchers or those looking to reconnect with nature and is typically hiked during March and October. With a river and perhaps a forest, it is really a perfect place to get a sense of nature which you won’t find anywhere else.

Purgatory Creek

greenbelt alliance

9.1 miles in length

A moderate, lightly trafficked loop near San Marcos provides a variety of attractions, particularly throughout July, which would be the best time to visit.

Climbers, hikers, including runners can all enjoy the stunning scenery on this trail. Although dogs are permitted, they must be carried on a leash, ensuring that they do not get out of hand.


Hiking in Texas is indeed a wonderful experience. You’re sure to get the best time no matter how far you go.

You might be anxious if you’re a first-time hiker. That’s absolutely justifiable. If you want to learn more about hiking in particular, take a look at our hiking advice for beginners!

And if you’re searching for hiking trails, we can help. We have lists like this for several states; what you have to do is choose the area from the menu above!

If you have any hiking trails to recommend, please leave them in the comments.