Only a mile south of Casino Drive in Laughlin is Nevada’s newest (1996) state park, the Big Bend of the Colorado State Park. The park offers views of the river, the city and its casinos, and the surrounding mountains.

RV Campsites at Big Bend State Park

Most of the 24 sites in the campground, which was built in 2008, are pull-throughs designed to handle large rigs. The backup sites are about 30′ wide for easy entry. Three sites (two pull-thru and one back-in) are ADA equipped for handicapped use.

All sites include

  • Full hookups
  • Tent pad
  • Shade ramada over a picnic table
  • Barbeque grill
  • Fire pit.

Reservations are not accepted, and all sites are “first come, first served.”

Facilities and Services at Big Bend of the Colorado State Park

Camp admission includes the use of a comfort station with toilets and showers. Each toilet or shower is a separate locking cubicle available to either sex.

  • This modern facility is clean and bright, with hot water.
  • Showers are $0.25 for five minutes (sufficient time for the job) with additional time for additional quarters.

The park offers a range of facilities at a fee.

  • A large parking lot with trailer spaces services a two-lane boat ramp which in turn accesses the river via a man-made lagoon that shelters the ramp from Colorado’s swift current.
  • A day-use area features a paved walking trail around the picnic area and a spacious parking lot.

Both the boat ramp area and the day-use area feature shade ramadas along the shore line. Some ramadas have tables and BBQ grills. Wood and charcoal are not available at the park.

Big Bend of the Colorado State Park Activities

Popular activities in the park include:

  • Water activities such as boating, fishing, swimming, and lounging on the river beaches
  • Hiking the four miles of trails (these sandy trails are tough biking!)
  • Birdwatching – Mallards, coots, herons, and geese; hawks, roadrunners (“Bob the roadrunner” is a pet at the entry station), quail, hummingbirds, doves, owls, and phainopela are abundant and easy to spot
  • Wildlife watching – Cottontail, fox, raccoon, beaver, and muskrat, along with a few species of lizards and snakes and the occasional turtle, may be seen in the area. The ranger reports occasional sightings of cougar and bighorn sheep in the hills across the highway.

The Big Bend Recreational Area across the highway offers

  • Off-roading
  • Geocaching
  • Rock scrambling (a popular hike is up the creek channel opposite the park sign)
  • Desert hiking.

RV Rates and Fee Schedule at Big Bend State Park

Compared to parks in the Lake Mead Recreation Area, this one is relatively pricey.

Entry Fees

  • Vehicle/Motorcycle $9.00
  • Boating $15
  • Walk/Bike In $1

Camping Fees

  • Per Night, $30 (includes Entry fee)

Discounts are offered for annual permits, state-wide passes, Nevada residents, and Nevada seniors.