Fly fishing is a good sport and hobby which requires patience and determination. A good fly rod meets the expectations and needs of the customer at a reasonable and affordable price.

After doing some thorough research, we have reviewed the 6 best fly rods under 200 that will save you your hard-earned money and provide you with great value.

Our research is based on some very important and common factors that an ideal fly rod should have like:

  1. Size
  2. Casting
  3. Reel seats
  4. Cork

6 Best Fly Rods Under $200

Here are some of the best rods for fly fishing under $200.

1. Temple Fork Outfitters Professional Series ll Fly Fishing Rods – Best Overall

This Fly rod is equipped with an advanced tapper that provides additional heft, so smooth and long castings can be easily made. These powerful and fast-medium action rods help hand movements while bringing in the fish, which has set new standards in Fly rods.

These are the best fly rods under $200 in the market due to their overall features. These rods perform symmetrically well with all the hand movements as it covers all skill levels and anglers, making them a perfect choice for many fly-fishing lovers. Anodized reel seats help to maintain and give a proper balance to the rod.

This Fly rod comes in more than 16 models, ranging from 2- weight to 10. Stripper guides help to aim with precision and help to do long casting in the desired direction. Traveling anglers often choose these fly rods.


  • Smooth and powerful medium action rods.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Provides more fighting strength when landing large fish


  • It has a poor-quality cork.
  • Difficult to use for beginners.

2. Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods – Best 8wt Fly Rod under 200

These rods are high-performance and fast-action rods that help to provide a great inward pull to the angler while bringing in the fish. These rods are equipped with fast action blanks which help to wrap the necessary part of the section, affecting the rod’s power and speed.

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rods provide a lightweight feel that balances the rod’s overall weight and provides a suitable frequency and continuity, which helps translate the rod’s energy smoothly while casting.  These rods are perfect for fly fishing as they are durable and strong.

Large diameter gunsmoke guides help reduce the line drag in a rod, which means the angler can throw a much farther line with much less force applied and the double-foot gunsmoke snake stripper boosts the casting and provides a larger knot.

These rods come in deep blue with carbon flake accents and are considered the best 8-weight Fly rod. Read its detailed review.


  • Top class drag system.
  • Very much convenient and easy to use for beginners.
  • Provides faster casting.


  • Rod is very stiff.
  • The reel is a little fragile.

3. Orvis Clearwater – Best 5wt Fly Rod under 200

This Fly rod has exceptional line control, which is great for a 9 Ft fly rod. These rods have greater casting and the power to reach far banks.  It is equipped with Helios technology profiles which act as a great tool while choosing flying lines which helps the angler with his pursuit.

These rods can control drift which means the angler can continue with his fly fishing without worrying about the drift. Lightweight power tapers Provide a faster action speed to the tip of the rod, which helps in luring the fish.

Orvis Clearwater rods are most suitable for fly fishing in big waters with drift or big flies as they are perfectly balanced with the right amount of power and speed to lure the fish. Blanks are equipped with quick identification, which helps monitor the fish’s movements more accurately.

These rods have a chrome snake guide which helps resist corrosion and grooving of the rod. These rods are considered the best 5-weight rods.


  • This rod offers a great casting range of about 20-25 feet.
  • Good manufacturer and is of great value.
  • Great for casting.


  • Does not perform well inside of 25 feet line.
  • It does not have any hook keep, which annoys many people.

4. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series – Best Trout Fly Rod under 200

These rods are designed for people who love vintage fly rods. These rods are very light, so any angler, old or young, can easily handle this rod without putting stress on the shoulders.

Made from anodized copper hardware that keeps the rod intact and resistant to wear and tear caused by handling, anodized copper reel seats make this rod useful in freshwater and saltwater environments.

The handle is made of good size with AAA cork which provides a good grip to anglers and causes no fatigue even if an angler spends a whole day fishing with this rod.

If you are a traveling angler, this rod will be your first choice as it is made of 4-piece rods, making it easy to transport and causing no storage problems.

This rod tube has 5 compartments, making transport and storage easy for an angler. These rods are considered best in the case of trout fishing.


  • Hard Canvas case.
  • Equipped with an extra tip.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • The guides are too small.
  • Too heavy to handle, it is not balanced properly.

5. Moonshine Rod Co. The Outcast Series – Best Saltwater Fly Rod under 200

This Fly rod is designed in such a way that it can work perfectly even in the harshest conditions. This fly rod comes with hardware and components resistant to saltwater which means the rod is resistant to corrosion and grooving.

This rod has an aggressive fast-acting taper which provides great strength to the butt end, which helps to bring in a big fish. These rods have two tip sections, meaning every time you fish, the rod lasts twice, whereas previously when you fished, the rod died a little with every use.

This rod is equipped with a hard canvas 5 compartment, which provides extra durability to the rod and makes it powerful so that it can withstand harsh conditions of saltwater. Anodized reel seats are made of aluminum, which helps to balance heavy tip rods and provide better hand movement.

These rods are best rods in case of saltwater fishing and are equipped with AAA cork which provides a firm grip.


  • Aggressive taper.
  •  Help breaks through the wind.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Poor at long-distance casting.
  • Not much is effective for fishing in small streams and small fish.

6. Wild Water 7 Foot, 4-Piece – Best 4wt Fly Rod under 200

This Fly is made up of IM 8 graphite, giving it a unique look. It is equipped with an Aluminum reel seat, which provides space between the rear setting and the rod grip. 

Stainless steel stripper guide that helps an angler to shoot the line at a much farther distance with must less effort and strain, which also helps reduce the line drag.  Stainless single-foot guides affect the line’s ability in inner diameter loops.

It includes a hard tube rod case with a reel pouch and a side storage pouch, which helps in storage.

These rods have aluminum disc drag which is a type of drag system which uses compressed washers made up of various materials to create friction against the spool to apply tension on the line.

It comes with a pre-installed chartreuse to attract and lure in the fish.

Equipped with a waterproof, floating custom box design that can hold up to 372 flies, this can be the perfect choice for many anglers. It is the best 4 weight available in the market.


  • Hard tube rod case.
  • The aluminum reel seat.


  • Cork becomes relatively loose after use.
  • Not as precise inaccuracy.


So these are our 6 best fly rods under $200 for beginners. If you are a fan of fly fishing and want to spend your hard-earned money on getting good gear, then you should look for fly rods from the abovementioned options, as they all have unique and great features and come at an affordable price.

An angler can choose any best category which suits his/her need and satisfy his fishing pursuit. All the picks mentioned above are the best in their category at an affordable price which an angler should consider buying.