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Camping with more people is usually more fun, whether it’s your growing family or a bunch of fantastic friends.

Finding a tent big enough for the whole crew, on the other hand, isn’t always simple.

Thankfully, we’ve done the legwork for you by researching the finest 8-person tens on the market and delving int some of the technical details you’ll want to know about before making a purchase. 

  • Shapes of tents. Cabin? Geodesic? Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each to select a tent that best suits your camping needs.
  • Materials. You’re looking for a long-lasting, water-resistant option. In this article, we’ll go through the finest materials to look for in an 8-person tent.
  • Vestibules, doors, and windows. For eight people in a tent, this is a significant deal. You may just desire the convenience of dual-doos to handle increased foot traffic.

Before you buy a tent, make sure to inspect each one that has been recommended. 

Things to know about tent size

The topic of tent size is a difficult one.

Tents are usually divided into sizes based on the number of people who may sleep inside: 1-person tents, 2-person tents, 4-person tents, and so on.

However, how do tent makers determine the number of people that can sleep inside?

They just count how many people can fit inside the tent, taking up all available space.

This involves sleeping in a camping bag with heads touching feet.

It also implies there won’t be any additional room for your belongings.

Do you want to be as comfortable as possible in your tent? Then you’ll probably need to get a larger tent to ensure that you have enough space to be comfortable, that you have enough space for your belongings, and that you can put inflatable mattresses inside. 

Having said that, some tents are rather large. It may be marketed as a four-person tent, but it may be rather large, allowing you to fit four people plus your stuff inside. 

If you’re going on a backpacking trip, the tent’s size and weight are critical; in this instance, you’ll probably want to go with the standard size.

Here are 9 of the best 8-person tents for camping

Coleman 8-Person Tent

  • Floor area: 126 ft²
  • Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Size: 14′ x 9′
  • Waterproof: No, but water-resistant
  • Doors: 3
  • Features: 60-second setup, electrical cord access port, room divider

If you’re searching for a camping tent for 8 people, you’re probably not going on a major backcountry adventure.

You’re probably car camping, whether for a family vacation or a fun weekend away with pals.

In that scenario, you can carry a larger, heavier tent to keep everyone in your group comfortable.

The Core 9 Instant Cabin Tent is also ideal for car camping.

It can easily accommodate groups of 8 to 9 people.

The tent has a standing height and can accommodate two queen mattresses.

The Core also includes a big T door that opens one entire side, a room divider, and complete mesh ceiling panels.

The panels are great for camping since they provide light and ventilation even when the windows are closed for seclusion.

The Core 9 is also a quick-to-assemble tent that takes less than a minute to put together.

Overall, due to the mix of affordability and quality, this is one of the best 8-person camping tents.

While it is too large and heavy to tote, the Core 9 is the ideal size and weight to keep in your car.

Otherwise, the Eureka Copper Canyon is another fantastic cabin-style tent with a room divider, plenty of interior storage, and enough two air mattresses.

  • Stunning panoramic mesh ceiling panels
  • The setup is simple.
  • Divider for a room
  • Inside the tent, there is plenty of wall storage H20 block seam taping


  • It is difficult to transport.
  • Only the seams are taped (as opposed to seam-sealed, which is more water-resistant)
  • Rainfly only provides limited coverage.

Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent - w/Stove Jack, Waterproof, 4 Season Luxury Outdoor Camping and Glamping Yurt Tent Made from Breathable 100% Cotton Canvas
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC: 100% cotton 8.5 oz. Army Duck Canvas in beige color, Waterproof & UV Resistant, also available with Fire Retardant Finish.
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: includes High Quality Sewn-in PE groundsheet, 5” wide Stove Jack opening, Standard Mesh on Door and three Windows, 4 Strategic Vents for extra ventilation, Heavy duty trouble-free top grade zippers for maximum functionality, Galvanized Steel Entrance Pole and Center Pole, Tool Kit that includes Pegs, Pins, Rain Cap and Rubber Mallet- ALL packed in waterproof tent bag
  • 4 FOUR SEASON TENT: All of our bell tents are waterproof as we have used weightless WR (Water) treatment that maintains the natural breathability of 100% cotton. It has a 5” stove jack, made from fire retardant material with a 43x43 cm flap so you can safely cook inside the tent or use it to stay warm on a cold night and an electric cable outlet to keep your phone or laptop charged. Ideal for camping and glamping.
  • EXTREMELY SPACIOUS: The yurt style tent has a spacious design with standard wall height of 2'7" which is higher than the standard wall of a bell tent that makes the tent extremely comfortable. You can easily stand inside the tent and feel very relaxed utilizing maximum space. The space allows 4 person tent (10'), 6 person tent (13'), 10 person tent (16'5").
  • HIGH QUALITY FEATURES: The bell tent has 2 layered windows and 2 layered door; canvas cover that could be rolled up and additional mesh to keep the critters out yet allowing for the cool breeze to come in for a calm long night sleep. The windows and door come with heavy duty trouble-free top grade zippers that you can rely on. It also includes high quality sewn-in PE groundsheet for additional protection and to keep rain water out. All the seams are double stitched, corners are reinforced
  • Floor area: 213 ft²
  • Weight: 83/90 lbs (water resistant/water + fire-resistant)
  • Height: 118 inches

The Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent is unlike the other tents on this list in that it is large, robust, and fashionable, and it is attractive enough to be used as event décor.

If you’re searching for a truly luxurious 8-person tent, look no further.

The Whiteduck has a lot of features for a simple bell tent.

It is outfitted with a stove jack, three mesh windows, and four roof vents (essential for ventilation with such a large group).

The doors and windows have integrated bug mesh, which is unusual for a canvas tent.

This is perfect for glamping – you can’t call it a luxury if you’re swatting flies.

It also has a power outlet and a pocket organizer.

The Whiteduck Bell Cotton Canvas Tent, on the other hand, stands apart due to its heavy-duty materials and construction.

All seams are double-stitched, corners are strengthened, and the fabric has been treated to resist water, mildew, and UV rays.

If you intend to use the tent with a wood stove (or simply for added peace of mind if you’re camping with children), you can select the fire retardant coating.

Instead of a standard dome or pyramid design tent, the Whiteduck has 27″ high vertical walls that begin at the ground before tapering to a center ridgeline, allowing for more movement.

It’s more than 9 feet tall on the inside!

This circular tent’s sleeping layout also makes it more comfortable to accommodate 8 people.

Instead of sleeping in a long row and stepping over your tentmates to get in and out, you can sleep in a circle with everyone organized in a circle.

This creates a clean walking route and more space between everyone’s heads, where space is the most important consideration.

You won’t find a tent more large and comfortable than the Whiteduck Canvas Bell Tent if you’re looking for luxury.


  • Breathable fabric is great for camping in all four seasons.
  • Elegant and timeless design
  • There is a fire retardant finish available.
  • There are numerous windows and vents.
  • Water, mold, and UV resistant treatments


  • Suitable for four persons, “Glamping” is not appropriate for 8 persons with huge cots.
  • Extremely heavy

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup, Green
  • Spacious 8-person tent has enough room for 3 queen size air beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented corner welds and inverted seams helps keep water out
  • Extended door awning keeps shoes and gear dry; hinged door offers easy access
  • Measures 16 x 7 feet with 6-foot 2-inch center height
  • Quick setup in 15 minutes with carry bag included for easy transportation
  • Dimension : 192” x 84” x 62”
  • Floor Area: 112ft²
  • Weight : 24.5lbs / 11.1kg

The Coleman Montana meets the bill for those on a budget seeking for an 8-person tent from one of America’s oldest camping gear brands.

The smartly designed awning entrance allows you to leave your muddy boots and damp raincoats before leaping into the sleeping space, rather than the fact that this 8-person tent can comfortably fit three queen-sized air beds into it. Coleman also included some unique covered seams that aid with weatherproofing. 

However, it does not do well during severe hail storms. If you find yourself in such a position, make sure to examine your tent properly afterward since the damage will be covered by Coleman’s guarantee.

If you’re on a limited budget and don’t mind the fact that this tent only has one entrance, Coleman’s 8-person alternative could be right for you. 

What we like:

  • The awning has been extended. Very useful for removing dirty shoes and preventing them from tracking into the sleeping area. 
  • Budget-friendly. On our list, this is the cheapest 8-person tent. 
  • Even when it’s pouring, the angled windows allow for air circulation.
  • The tent is spacious, with 122 square feet of area and a 6’2” ceiling, making it simple to walk around.
  • The tent is extremely robust with the rain flap on and will withstand high winds.
  • The covered porch area allows you to open the door for extra ventilation when it’s raining. 

What we don’t like:

  • Durability. It can resist moderate rain but not hail or strong winds.
  • Some users claim that the tent is not completely waterproof and can leak.
  • There is only one door, which makes getting in and out of the tent a little more difficult. 

Gazelle T8

Gazelle Tents™, T8 Hub Tent, Easy 90 Second Set-Up, Waterproof, UV Resistant, Removable Floor, Ample Storage Options, 8-Person, Sunset Orange, 78" x 94" x 165", GT800SS
  • Has space to sleep eight people with plenty of room for additional gear
  • Two sleeping quarters with a zippered privacy panel
  • 78” tall allowing you to move around freely
  • Hub design makes assembly fast and easy
  • Ten, tight-weave mesh windows
  • Floor area: 110 ft²
  • Weight: 56 lbs
  • Dimension : 94″ x 168″
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Doors: 2

The Gazelle T8 is a long-lasting tent.

While it is heavy, its extra-durable design puts it far ahead of other pop-up tents on the market.

The T8 contains six big wall pockets, four enormous canopy nets, and specific locations for a lantern or nightlight.

It also includes removable bathtub floors and a sturdy 210 denier shell with a waterproof rating of 2000 mm HH, so you’ll be dry no matter what.

The shell has a UV rating of 50+ as well.

Even with a large company, there is ample internal storage for everyone’s belongings to be organized and off the ground in an 8-person tent.

The rainfly’s roll-up sides provide protection when needed and breathability when it’s dry.

And the T8 is one of the greatest tents on this list because it’s a pop-up tent without the regular pop-up tent issues.

Most pop-up tents aren’t built to last – they’re built for convenience rather than performance.

The Gazelle T8, on the other hand, succeeds in both areas, providing a secure, comfortable shelter in all weather situations that snaps together in less than 90 seconds.


  • Floors that may be removed for cleaning or to create a “wet room.”
  • Interior storage compartments and organization are exceptional.
  • Unrivaled build quality
  • Rainflies’ sides can be rolled up.
  • One-year guarantee
  • No footprint included
  • Heavier than the majority of the tents on this list

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8

Eureka! Copper Canyon 8 -Person Tent (2601308)
  • Relax in cabin-like comfort with the Eureka! Copper Canyon 8 eight-person, two-room tent.
  • Create extra privacy with the detachable divider curtain, which converts the Copper Canyon 8 from a single large room to two smaller rooms.
  • Near-vertical walls in this cabin-style tent create a spacious interior ideal for cots and airbeds.
  • Eureka!'s zippered E! Power Port allows you to bring an outdoor-grade electrical power cord inside the tent to power phone chargers and other electronics.
  • Six generously-sized zippered windows provide 360-degree views and cross-tent airflow, but also close for privacy.
  • Dimension : 156” x 120” x 84”
  • Floor Area: 130ft²
  • Weight : 34.1lbs / 15.4kg

The Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8 ten is a high-quality alternative at a fantastic price, whether you and your partner just want a lot of space to stretch out or you need it because you have a large family.

This big tent has two large entrances on the front and rear, which we love. 

During bad weather, some campers utilize the tent’s partition to use the front as a huge vestibule for dropping off shoes or putting up a table for a game of cards and then sleeping in the rear.

Even with the partition in place, the backroom is large enough to fit a queen-size air mattress. 

To protect the floor and prevent water from pouring in, we recommend putting a tarp below his Eureka 8-person tent.

What we like:

  • Exceptional height. You don’t have to be concerned about hitting your head on the ceiling unless you’re seven feet tall. 
  • Fantastic rainfly. This fly has 0% leaks when fitted correctly, according to campers.
  • Rooftop for stargazing. Enjoy the mesh roof to look at the sky if the weather is clear. 

What we don’t like:

  • Setup is tricky. It will take some time to get used to. Before going camping, we recommend putting everything up at home. 

Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent

  • Dimension : 176” x 116” x 73”
  • Floor Area: 124ft²
  • Weight : 24.6lbs / 11.1kg

The Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent is a more premium 8-person tent choice that you shouldn’t overlook. It’s designed for mountaineers who want to take their camping experience to the next level.

First, the fundamentals: At 124ft², it’s rather large. It has two doors that may be used for numerous entries and exits. It also features a multi-purpose vestibule that may be used as an outside sitting space.

The durability of this tent, on the other hand, is quite remarkable. It is constructed of polyester rip-stop composed of high-tenacity yarn and is meant to withstand the toughest of circumstances. That implies your risks of ripping are reduced by roughly 25%.

Prepare to break out your money for this Big Agnes tent. These higher-end items come with higher-end pricing. However, in exchange, you will have a tent that is highly waterproof and will endure a long time. 

What we like:

  • Super-tough. This is made to withstand the elements in all four seasons.
  • The divider can be removed. You can either have one large room or two smaller rooms. 

What we don’t like:

  • Expensive. This tent is in the four-figure price range.

Wenzel Klondike 8

Wenzel claims to have been formed on the principle that product quality should never be sacrificed for business, and the Klondike 8 is a perfect illustration of this. 

Its high-quality fabric keeps you dry and protected from the elements, and there’s enough capacity for two queen airbeds.

A wide-screen awning can be used as a picnic room, camping porch, or gear room while providing sun and weather protection. It’s the perfect size for camping with family and friends, and the complete mesh roof and two mesh windows make it seem more open and breezy.

Main Features:

  • Fabric made of polyester with a polyurethane water-resistance coating
  • Two mesh windows and a mesh roof
  • Fiberglass roof structure with shock cords
  • Rainfly that can be removed
  • Pockets for storage
  • Back and roof vents
  • Seams that are protected

What we like:

  • Low to high air circulation
  • Instructions that are informative
  • A large screen awning
  • High-quality

What we don’t like:

  • A dark-colored rainfly might overheat the tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8-person tent | Instant family tent

  • Four queen-size airbeds may be accommodated in this spacious 14ft x 10ft tent.
  • A tub floor with welded edges, protected seams, and other WeatherTec characteristics
  • Thanks to the pre-attached poles, setup takes around 60 seconds. 
  • Small items are kept tidy and off the floor in storage pockets
  • Season after season, the tough double-thick fabric stands up to the demands of the outdoors.

8-person Colemans, The Instant Cabin Tent, stands up to its name in terms of how fast it can be set up, even without the assistance of others. You should be able to do it in under five minutes because all you have to do is unfold, stretch, and fasten it.

Once it’s set up, you’ll have plenty of room for a family or group of friends to have a great excursion. It’s been said that three queen-sized air mattresses can fit inside and still have room. 

You might wish to replace the stakes that came with it with stronger ones if you want them to last longer. Nonetheless, the tent is made of durable fabric that can resist heavy use. It also includes a WeatherTec system that keeps the tent, and you dry when it rains. 

This cabin tent has wide screens for ventilation and protection against mosquitoes and other bothersome insects. During the day, you may still receive some nice illumination via the windows.

Small objects may be stored in the pockets on the interior, and the chambers can be divided for privacy. 


  • Allows for a quick and simple setup
  • Inside, there is no condensation
  • It has excellent air circulation
  • Rainfly with full coverage
  • Hinged door


  • Getting into and out of the tent with only one hand is difficult
  • The stakes that come with the kit aren’t strong enough to resist the wind

Bottom line: The Coleman Instant 8-Person Cabin Tent is the go-to tent for group camping for people who don’t want to spend too much time pitching the tent because it just takes about a minute to set up and get underway.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Red Canyon Car Camping Tent
  • Camping tent with spacious design offers enough room for 8 people to sleep comfortably
  • Included dividers let you create 3 separate rooms for privacy
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams keeps you dry
  • Easy to set up and pack away with separate bags included for tent, poles, and stakes
  • A large camping tent with enough capacity for 8 people to sleep
  • With the included partitions, you may create three distinct rooms for solitude.
  • The WeatherTec technology keeps you dry with unique welded flooring and inverted seams.
  • With a 6-foot center height, it measures 17 x 10 feet
  • With separate bags supplied for tents, poles, and other accessories, it’s simple to put up and take down. 

The Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Tent is a great camping tent for the whole family. It takes less than 20 minutes to set up, and if you’ve done it previously, you may save even more time.

When you come to the room dividers, you can convert the tent into a three-room tent, which is a nice addition if you’re traveling with children. Mom and dad may have their own room, the kids can have their own, and you can even keep stuff out of the way in the third section.

It’s a tent that can serve your family just as well at camping as it can in your own garden. 

From the welded floor to the inverted seams, this tent, like others from the business, provides a lot of weather protection. Due to quality control issues, you may receive some low-quality poles and other items. The frame of a good tent, on the other hand, should be able to endure moderate winds and rain. 


  • Rainfly is simple to set up.
  • Water beads off the cloth well in a multi-room tent, which may be divided into three distinct chambers


  • Has some quality control concerns.
  • Zippers that become trapped or break are a common occurrence.

Bottom Line: The Coleman Red Canyon 8-Person Tent has the advantage of being able to be divided into three rooms, which makes traveling with a group or family even more enjoyable because everyone has their own privacy when it’s time to sleep. 

8-person tents buying guide

You’ve seen some fantastic tents, but what specs and features should you seek in an 8-person tent that meets your camping requirements?

Use this guide to make the best decision possible.

8-person tents shapes

When it comes to 8-person tents, there are two major styles.

  • On difficult mountain terrain, geodesic tents are more often utilized for base camp-style camping. These dome-shaped tents are more costly since they are designed to be highly durable and help reduce wind. A geodesic tent, such as the North Face 8-Person Tent, is an excellent example. If you’re willing to brave those types of challenging camping circumstances, the cost will be well worth it.
  • The most common type for an 8-person tent is a cabin tent. The majority of tents on the market, such as the REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent, include a vestibule where you may remove your dirty shoes and then a divider that divides the remainder of the tent into two chambers. 

Averages 120 to 130ft² of floor area

Obviously, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room on the floor for up to eight people. The 120 to 130 square feet of room available is more than adequate to accommodate that many sleeping bags.

Even if your party is smaller than eight individuals, you may still require extra space. 

For example, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent measures 112ft²t and can fit three queen-sized air beds. With that in mind, 120ft² is more than enough space. 

Head height between 80” to 90.”

When it comes to head height, you’ll need a tent with at least 80 inches of headroom. Most campers are under 6 feet tall. Therefore a tent with a ceiling close to 7 feet, such as the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8, is perfect.

There are undoubtedly smaller 8-person tents available, such as the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent, which stands at 62 inches tall. While this will still function, taller campers will most likely brush their heads against the ceiling. 

3 season vs. 4-season tents

These words are used to describe tents of various sizes. 

  • Spring, summer, and fall are all covered by three-season tents. They don’t do well in the snow in the winter. The REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent, for example, is one of the more inexpensive options.
  • The Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent is a four-season tent meant to be utilized in tough winter circumstances. They’re usually composed of the hardest materials and have the best waterproof coating on the floor. The North Face 8-Person Tent has a chimney ventilation system, allowing you to cook inside your tent even if it’s snowing outside. 

Materials used

The materials used to make 8-person tents have an impact on their durability. 

For example, the North Face 8-Person Tent is composed of 210D nylon, which is a super-tough quality of nylon that can endure the harshest of circumstances.

The REI Co-op Kingdom 8 Tent, by comparison, is composed of 75D nylon, which makes it less heavy and durable. However, it is not intended for usage in the cold. 

Aluminum is used to make most tent poles because it is robust, lightweight, and flexible. 

Dome or cabin style

Personal preference plays a role in deciding whether to use a dome tent or a cabin tent.

You’ll get more wind resistance with a dome tent, but you won’t be able to get up and wander about within it.

While a cabin tent offers greater room and comfort, it is not the greatest option for weathering inclement weather.

Weather protection

When you’re camping with a large party, the last thing you want is a tent that leaks water all over you.

While most tents nowadays claim to be waterproof, this isn’t always the case.

Inverted seams, bathtub floors, and a high HH rating (above 1500 mm) are all qualities to look for. These characteristics are included in the best tents and will keep you dry even if it rains heavily.

Investing in a decent waterproof spray is a smart method to ensure you have a waterproof tent if you want to cover all your bases. 

It’s also necessary to have a decent rainfly. Make sure the rainfly reaches all the way to the ground and covers the whole tent. If it doesn’t, the rain may still get in, and you could wake up in a puddle of water. 

Doors, windows, and vestibules

  • Doors

You’ll need an 8-person tent with at least two doors. You should have an entrance and exit on both sides of the tent if possible. This is especially essential for families with toddlers who wish to put up sleeping bags or a pack-n-play. A room divider in the youngster portion of the tent can keep things peaceful while the grownups spend more time outside before calling it a night.

  • Vestibules

A vestibule is an entry space where you may take off your dirty shoes and relax before proceeding to the sleeping section in most 8-person tents. It’s a wonderful method to keep the tent’s bedroom portion tidy. 

With the addition of a canopy cover, some vestibules, such as the one featured in the Big Agnes Mad House 8 Tent, may be converted to an outdoor sitting area. 

  • Windows

Windows may also be used as vents, which is useful when camping during the hot summer months. 

If you’re confined inside due to bad weather, windows are a great method to get some natural light inside the tent. Several big windows may be seen in the Eureka Copper Canyon LX 8.

Ease of setup

Most manufacturers claim that setting up an 8-person tent is simple, but keep in mind that these tents are large and might be challenging to put up. It usually takes two people to put them up, and we recommend practicing at home before heading to the campground.

However, some tents are simpler to build than others. 

We love Eureka tents because they’re so simple to set up. It comes with a lightweight fiberglass frame and a convenient clip mechanism that holds everything together while you assemble the poles.

Packed weight vs. trail weight

When looking for an 8-person tent, you’ll come across two phrases that refer to the tent’s weight.

Packed weight refers to the total weight of the tent kit, which includes stakes, a stuff bag, and any other accessories that may be included.

The trail weight of your tent refers to the minimal minimum of gear required to put up your tents, such as the rain fly, tent fabric, and poles. 

If weight is a concern for you, keep in mind that most 8-person tents weigh between 25 and 35 pounds. This is OK for vehicle campers but may be more difficult for backpackers. 

The more durable a tent, such as the North Face 8-Person Tent, is, the more durable it is. That tent is around 50 pounds.

With a weight of 24.5 pounds, the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is a superb example of a lightweight 8-person tent. 

Warranty period

Not all tents are created equal, and some may have flaws. Fortunately, all of these tent manufacturers have warranties that may entitle you to a free new tent.

REI used to boast one of the greatest warranties in the industry, with all of their goods, including tents, covered by a lifetime warranty. However, this was recently modified to a one-year warranty.

REI’s guarantee doesn’t cover regular wear and tear, but if there’s an obvious manufacturing fault, it’ll be replaced for free.

Coleman has a comparable tent guarantee but recommends buyers contact them first before returning a product such as a tent. 

In most cases, such as with the Marmot Lair 8-Person Tent, you’ll get a one-year guarantee that covers just manufacturer defects.


A tent footprint is placed beneath a tent to keep it from ripping or wearing on the ground. Some tents don’t have a footprint, which might be justified if you’re just going to be camping on soft ground like sand or lush grass. However, having one is highly advised because it will extend the life of your tent.


If you intend on using camping equipment such as air beds or cots, the arrangement of a tent might be an essential issue. You should be able to quickly locate a schematic of the tent’s arrangement so that you can prepare ahead of time.

Whether you don’t have access to a floor plan, you can use the measurement specifications to design a layout to see if your furniture will fit. 

Why choose an 8-person tent?

Here are some of the main reasons to select the model that can accommodate up to 8 people.

More space for longer camping trips

When embarking on a lengthy camping vacation, you’ll need ample living space as well as a storage room. Having more is always preferable to having less.

More people can come.

You may bring friends and spend quality time together if you have a larger apartment.

More affordable option

A bigger shelter will save you money on a campground if you’re going camping with friends.


Answers to any queries you might have regarding an eight-person ten can be found below:

How do you set it up?

It might be difficult to set up, so you’ll need additional hands to assist you. This should not be an issue because you will be camping, among others. 

Take the equipment out of the storage bag and place it on the ground so you can view every part.

Read the directions carefully while searching the handbook for the parts you’re looking for. I propose that you pitch it at home for the first time. 

Can one person put up an 8-person tent alone?

Because tent makers took this into consideration, you should be able to put it up by yourself in most situations.

It will take longer to build than if you had extra hands to assist you, but you will eventually have your tent up and running. 

However, because I’m assuming you’ll be camping with others, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.

What is the easiest 8-man tent to put up?

Instant and pop-up versions are the easiest to build since they include technology that makes setup easier than classic pole-based units.

These are the simplest quick tents to put up, and they can hold up to 8 people. If you don’t have time or don’t know how to put up a tent, consider them for your journey.

Is it ok for backpacking?

No, because it is too heavy and cumbersome to carry when hiking, this model is not suitable for backpacking. Backpackers choose lightweight, easily pitchable tents since they can carry them in their backpacks with other items. 

How to clean and store a tent?

The best approach to cleaning your tent is to follow the manufacturer’s or brand’s recommendations. The majority of tents may be washed with water and a gentle sponge to remove dirt.

Detergents should be avoided since they can harm the material’s coating and reduce its waterproofing value.

Always keep your tent completely dry. Moisture is the enemy of tents, and storing your tent damp can cause it to grow mold and mildew, as well as decay. During the off-season, a dry tent may be properly kept in a dry area to extend its life.

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