With many fly rod sizes available such as 5-weight, people hardly think of using a 4-weight fly rod as they think there isn’t much difference between a four-weight and a five-weight fly rod.

Both are lightweight and mainly used in freshwater, but a four-weight fly rod offers much more comfortable and smoother casting. Also, a five-weight fly rod is used to catch mainly trout, but a four-weight rod can catch trout and other fish species.

A four-weight fly rod can perform well in casting and other factors that make them worth using. So here are some best four-weight fly rods for you:

12 Best 4 Weight Fly Rods in the market

01. Echo Base Series

The Echo Base provides a maximum casting distance of 65-70 feet, which helps you to attract the fish even if it is at a farther reach. These are built using modern technology, which helps keep the rod light overall weight.

The rod is equipped with black anodized reel seats and chrome line guides, which provide the rod with high efficiency in freshwater.

You will be able to assemble your Echo Base fly rod in no time as this fly rod comes with alignment dots that help you to assemble the rod correctly. Suitable quality metals are used in the rod’s construction, which ensures excellent durability against time and saltwater conditions.


  • Free fabric fly line and reel
  • Great performance in freshwater
  • Excellent rod for both beginners and experienced anglers
  • Affordable price


  • Applying different methods for casting for a beginner can be difficult

Fly rod length of Echo Base:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– Echo Base fly rod 8ft delivers a weight-free casting in cold water. This helps maintain balance over close ranges.
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft 8.5ft fly rod of Echo Base has a self-lubricating casting action which provides a smooth flow to the line. It delivers a slow action compared to the 8ft Echo Base.
  • Fly rod length 9ft- 9 ft fly rod is easy to control and can lure big and heavy fish without much effort.   

02. G. LOOMIS NRX+ LP series

G. LOOMIS NRX+ LP series fly rod can easily absorb shocks made by casting or fly fishing as the weight of the Blanks is reduced by 15% due to the new resin G8 technology.

This fly rod offers a lot more when it comes to accuracy and precision. With every rod swing, you will find the rod more accurate and stable with every fly line.

The NRX+ LP series offers a super advanced tapper. This helps to provide a high flex to the tip of the rod with the support of the fly line and casting power applied. Progressive tapper helps you to cast short-range and long-range loops over water easily. 


  • Super progressive tapper
  • Caster friendly
  • Responsive rod action
  • Shock absorbing capability


  • Not accurate at medium distances

 Fly rod length of G.LOOMIS NRX+LP series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– 8 ft fly rod of G. LOOMIS NRX+LP series offers a consistent and very smooth flow without any extra added weight. 
  •  Fly rod length 8.5ft– 8.5ft fly rod provides more durability to tackle the fish in water. This fly rod length can cover various water surfaces.
  • Fly rod length 9ft– G. LOOMIS NRX+LP series 9 ft fly rod can carry heavy lures efficiently into the water without damaging the tippet of the rod. 


G. LOOMIS NRX+ is a light rod, even for a four-weight category. This makes the rod easy to operate and handle by a beginner. 

You would enjoy casting with this rod at medium and long-distance ranges. This fly rod is quick to respond and can help carry out a variety of loops.

Retrieving the capacity of the fly line of the rod is excellent. You won’t have any difficulty while throwing or pulling back the line at different ranges. This fly rod does not perform up to the mark at long distances compared to shorter ranges.

Overall, the rod is built from high-quality parts that protect the rod from rust and corrosion.


  • Versatile
  • Caster friendly
  • Accurate with short and medium-distance casts 
  • Great retrieving capacity


  • Loses power with long-distance casts
  • The tip is less sensitive compared to other fly rods

Fly rod length of G.LOOMIS NRX+ series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft- This fly rod length offers peak performance in freshwater with short-range casts 
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft– 8.5ft length fly rod is somehow similar to 8ft length but is much more durable and offers a more loading capacity
  • Fly rod length 9ft– G. LOOMIS NRX+ series 9ft length fly rod comes with extra backing so that the line can cover longer distances without much-added weight

04. SCOTT FLEX Series

Scott Flex fly rod has a very soft tip and a powerful butt section. This combination provides a great rod action to attract more fish.

Scott Flex dominates Mid-range as in mid-range, you will get impressive line speed, exceptional accuracy, and extensive line loading, which will help you to lure in the fish quickly.

You will never lose your grip with Scott Flex as the handles are half wells, which provides a firm grip without leaving rough patches. The rod’s tip is coated with rubber mesh, which protects the tip while tackling the fish.


  • Great for trout fishing
  • Simple casting action
  • Phenomenal accuracy between 45ft and 60ft 
  • Easy line control


  • Slow line speed
  • Not suited for long-distance casting

Fly rod length of Scott Flex series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– Fly rod length 8ft of the Scott Flex series offers quick action on the water. The Chances of an 8ft rod fly line getting snapped are nil 
  •  Fly rod length 8.5ft- You can use this fly rod length over small and larger surfaces and still get the same result. The 8.5ft fly rod is adaptable to water and performs well with any fish species.
  • Fly rod length 9ft- You will never lose your balance while using this fly rod length. Fly rod length 9ft of Scott Flex series provides resistance against the drift current of water which helps you to maintain balance.

05. SCOTT Radian Series

A light tippet on the Scott Radian allows you to get a smooth casting action without applying much force to the rod. It also becomes effortless to control the line of the rod if you have a light tippet.

Scott Radian has a springy casting action, which is unique. This springy action helps the rod line reach its target with fantastic speed without losing accuracy.

This fly rod offers the best strippers, which have titanium frames. These frames provide a lightweight to the rod while adding more durability. Strippers prevent the line from snapping while fishing.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Springy casting action
  • Durable guides 
  • AAA cork handle


  • Difficult to use for beginners
  • Blanks are less durable 

Fly rod length of Scott Radian series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– Scott Radians 8ft fly rod length can give optimal performance in freshwater. Saltwater conditions are less suitable for this fly rod length over a long duration
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft– This fly rod length offers a great balance in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. You could easily attract any fish with this rod length
  • Fly rod length 9ft– 9ft fly rod length of the Scott Radian series performs well in saltwater conditions and even provides a uniform action in the wind 

06. Sage ONE Series

This fly rod can be an excellent fit for a beginner as the rod has a balanced weight, offers tremendous power, and is less stiff than other fly rods. Sage One can also be a starter rod for any beginner without much experience.

 Sage One has excellent tracking ability, due to which your target won’t be able to escape the line of this fly rod. With Sage One, you can quickly generate tight loops without much effort, enabling you to lure in the fish easily.

In deep waters, the butt of this fly rod is helpful to quickly attract the fish out of the water without snapping the line of the rod.


  • Very Light swing
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Great for streamers
  • Full Wells cork handle


  • Less line speed at a shorter distance

  Fly rod length of Sage One series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– 8ft fly rod of Sage One series offers less line speed at shorter distances. This fly line weight can perform well in close to mid casts.
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft- Fly rod length 8.5ft helps to carry different lures for fish without breaking the tippet of the rod
  • Fly rod length 9ft- Fly rod 9ft offers an all-rounder performance when it comes to conditions of water.

07. Sage X Series

Sage X fly rod has one of the best recovery speeds due to the Konnetic high-density technology used to build blanks. This provides more recovering energy and easy line control than other fly rods.

This fly rod has a double haul, offering smooth casting without interruption. The rod’s tip is light but not too soft, helping to increase the accuracy of your casts.

The rod performs exceptionally well at 30ft for short and 60ft for longer casts. With your cast’s range increasing, you get more precision out of the Sage X fly rod. 


  • Incredible flex
  • All-purpose rod
  • Tight loops throughout different casting ranges
  • Superior quality blanks


  • The tip of the rod is too stiff
  • The reel seats and cork handle are not of good quality 

Fly rod length of Sage X series: 

  • Fly rod length 8ft- With an 8ft fly rod of Sage x series, you get low accuracy while casting shorter casts. This can be improved if you use a lighter reel with Sage X.
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft- 8.5ft fly rod is capable of attracting large fishes easily without much effort with great retrieving speed
  •   Fly rod length 9ft- Sage X series 9ft length has the easiest line control, which can be operated even by a beginner

08. Sage FOUNDATION Series

Sage Foundation comes with a black nylon tube. This helps to protect the rod from external conditions while fly fishing. Blanks are made from graphite IIIe technology, which provides smooth and accurate casts.

This fly rod comes with enough flex for rod action, so you never lose accuracy while casting at longer distances. Due to its blanks, you also get excellent recovery speed with the Sage Foundation. 

 Sage Foundation fly rod can efficiently cast from as low as 20ft to as high as 60ft. You would get a regular cast even in harsh wind conditions, as the line is durable and doesn’t lose direction.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Floating line
  • Nylon tube
  • Graphite llle technology blanks


  • No hook keeper
  • No alignment dots 

Fly rod length of Sage Foundation series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft- One can easily lure big fishes with the Sage Foundation series but can find it difficult to attract big fishes in saltwater.
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft- 8.5ft length fly rod provides versatility to the rod so that you can attract various species of fish without any effort
  • Fly rod length 9ft- Sage Foundation 9ft length rod has a great retrieving capacity with which you can easily attract fish from larger distances in just a matter of seconds   

09. Orvis Clearwater Series

The line of Orvis Clearwater is not too heavy, which prevents the line from sinking during casting. The lightweight line also gives a boost to the retrieving speed of the line.

With the Orvis Clearwater fly rod, you can easily fish in any lake, river, ocean, or stream without experiencing a downturn in the fly rod’s performance.

The cork handle is built with superior quality and offers a long-lasting hold. You get remarkable accuracy with casts of range 20ft to 60ft without putting in the extra effort. Orvis Clearwater is an all-rounder rod that can suit a beginner as a great starter rod.


  • All-rounder
  • Powerful line control
  • High retrieving capacity
  • Great for beginners


  • Rod is slightly too stiff

Fly rod length of Orvis Clearwater series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft- This fly rod length is used to attract large salmon species of fish in freshwater conditions
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft– Over large surfaces, this fly rod length offers optimal performance without any difficulty in casting.
  • Fly rod length 9ft– 9ft length fly rod is suitable to lure in heavy fish without applying much force.

10. ORVIS RECON Series

Orvis Recon is a great mid-range rod that can be used both on small and large water surfaces. This rod is suitable for both beginners and suitable anglers. Approaching your target with excellent efficiency and quietness won’t be difficult with Orvis Recon.

This fly rod is a four-piece rod that makes it easy to carry and portable for traveling anglers. The advanced tapper of Orvis Recon helps keep track of your target and helps precisely lure the fish out of the water.

Orvis Recon lets you easily switch from one fishing technique to another whenever necessary.


  • Excellent mid-range casts
  • Progressive tapper
  • Portable
  • Great for both beginners and experienced anglers


  • The tip of the rod is too flexible
  • Less accuracy with longer distances 

Fly rod length of Orvis Recon series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft- 8ft length fly rod of Orvis Recon can provide you great functionality in mid-range casting
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft– This fly rod length is easy to operate on both short and longer casting ranges without any disturbance in rod action
  • Fly rod length 9ft- Orvis Recons 9ft length is equally balanced and offers great recovery speed when tackling the fish

11. ORVIS HELIOS 3F/3D Series


Orvis Helios 3D offers high line speed. Line speed is crucial if you want to catch your fish without giving it a chance to escape.

3D Helios is accurate to about 60ft, which is excellent for a fly rod. You won’t lose the direction of your line even in the wind, which is an excellent feature for a fly rod.


  • Excellent line speed
  • Accuracy to 60ft
  • Can withstand wind conditions


  • The tip is very stiff.


3F Helios can handle heavy rigs and attract large and heavy fish without much effort.  This fly rod performs exceptionally well at short and long-distance casting but lacks mid-range casting performance compared to 3D Helios. 

One can quickly get tight loops out of this rod without much effort to lure in the fish, irrespective of its size.


  • Can handle heavy rigs
  • Accuracy to 40ft
  • Offers tight loops


  • A heavy tip affects the rod’s action

Fly rod length of Orvis Helios series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft– 8ft fly rod offers more line speed in 3D Helios compared to 3F Helios which affects the performance of the rod with a slight difference
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft- This fly rod length provides a uniform performance in both 3D and 3F Helios where you get more tight loops in 3F Helios
  • Fly rod length 9ft– Fly rod length 9ft helps you to attract big fishes in saltwater without applying much force

12. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series

Beginners are often worried that they might break the blanks of their fly-fishing rod. But with Moonshine Rod Co Drifter Series, you get durable blanks built from high-quality materials.

The reel seats of this fly rod can remain intact even after experiencing shocks, as the reel seats are made from anodized copper. Anodized copper prevents rust and corrosion and adds durability to the rod.

Moonshine Rod Co Drifter Series provides smooth casting instead of fast action casting, which includes a splash of water every time the line hits the water. This fly rod’s gentle casting action provides an excellent angler experience.


  • Durable Blanks
  • Reels seats made from anodized copper
  • Gentle casting


  • Not accurate with long-distance casting

Fly rod length of Moonshine Rod Co Drifter series:

  • Fly rod length 8ft- 8ft fly rod provides consistent flow of line while throwing and pulling the line back in
  • Fly rod length 8.5ft- Fly rod length 8.5ft helps to attract salmon fishes in both fresh and saltwater conditions
  • Fly rod length 9ft- 9ft fly rod provides enough loading capacity so that you can cast a farther line  

How to choose a 4-weight fly rod?

Plenty of 4-weight fly rods are available in the market, but one should choose his/her fly rod according to their fishing style. Here are some factors that can help you choose the fly rod that is suitable for you:  

Material- Most four-weight fly rods are either made of fiberglass or graphite. Both materials offer exceptional durability but are not similar in nature. Fiberglass is lighter than graphite and cheaper in price, but graphite is widely used and is more popular than graphite. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages for four-weight fly rods, so you choose according to your suitability.

Length- The length of a four-weight fly rod generally varies from 7ft to 10ft. But if you are unsure which length would be suitable, then you can go for 9ft as it is the standard length. 9ft length rod offers vast reach for trout fishing with which you would have no difficulty.

Action- The action of the rod should be light and open. You should be able to move your fly rod in different directions without discomfort or interruption. Luring a trout requires great rod response and tackling ability, so you should choose a rod capable of doing both.


To start your fly-fishing journey with a four-weight fly rod or try a weight fly rod, you should research or gather information from above. An ideal four-weight fly rod provides a smooth and free action with which you can quickly try different casting techniques. Other factors which you should consider before choosing your four-weight fly rod are mentioned above, which you should consider.