If you’re an experienced mountaineer, you’re sure to know that having the right equipment is essential. Now, apart from suitable clothes and shoes, as well as a decent tent that will keep you covered, you might want to invest in a good sleeping pad that is not only ideal for indoor usage but also for outdoor use as well; it should provide good insulation and comfort, no matter what season it is.

You should be aware that this kind of product may not be the cheapest thing on the market, but you should be in good condition. We researched the critical features and tried to find a product that is ideal for two people.

Ultimately, we found the ALPS Mountaineering Air Bed, which is easy to inflate and provides good comfort. Let’s look at all the features that make it worth your attention to this product.

Quick Overview

MATERIALS 9 out of 10
DURABILITY 9 out of 10
COMFORT 9 out of 10
VALUE FOR MONEY 10 out of 10
EASE OF USE – 9 out of 10
WARMTH – 8 out of 10
VERSATILITY – 4 out of 10
PACKED SIZE – 8 out of 10
UMP 8.7 /10


Best UseCamping
Sleeping Pad TypeAir Pad
Sleeping Pad ShapeRectangular
Repair Kit IncludedYes
Stuff Sack IncludedYes
Packed Size8.5 x 18.5 inches
Pad Thickness (in.)6 inches
Dimensions80 x 56 x 6 inches
Weight4 lbs. 12 oz.


  • Affordable
  • Good self-inflating
  • Versatile pump
  • Good transport bag
  • The design is really spacious.
  • Amazing weight capacity
  • Exceptionally light and portable.
  • Thickness sufficient to support all sleeping positions
  • Excellent value for money
  • In addition, a versatile pump is supplied for simple inflation and deflation.


  • Too narrow for a queen-size air bed
  • Not as comfortable
  • There are no insulating properties at all.
  • The pump’s valve position is peculiar. It’s difficult to tell if the pump is fully charged because there is no indicator.

Other information

  • Made for indoor/outdoor use
  • Fits most camping tents perfectly
  • Rechargeable state-of-the-art pump for both inflation and deflation. Includes wall and car charger flocked
  • top prevents sliding and gives additional comfort
  • Coil system offers extra support
  • Carry bag
  • Available in Queen and Twin Size
  • Unlike most other rechargeable pumps, our revolutionary pump may be powered by a wall or car outlet or by its internal rechargeable battery.
  • The pump can be used to recharge while plugged in.
  • PVC-free cloth that is long-lasting
  • Because it is so light, it is easy to transport.
  • With the “flip of a switch,” it quickly and simply inflates.
  • A carry bag is included for convenient transport and storage.
  • Fits easily into most camping tents
ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed
  • Versatile pump operates via one of these three power options wall outlet car outlet or rechargeable battery - pump may be used while plugged in to recharge
  • Durable PVC-free fabric and coil system makes for a more solid and comfortable sleeping area
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable pump inflates and deflates easily with the “flip of a switch”
  • Our lightweight Vertex Air Bed is for indoor/outdoor uses and comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage

Twin Size Specifications:

  • Inflated dimensions: 39″ x 80″ x 6″
  • Pack size: 15.5″ x 7″
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.

Queen Size Specifications:

  • Inflated dimensions: 56″ x 80″ x 6″
  • Pack size: 18.5″ x 8.5″
  • Weight: 4 lbs. 12 oz.
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.

Looking at the relevant market, it is easy to see that, when it comes to camping equipment, ALPS Mountaineering is one of the most respected companies. This particular product is available in two different variants, namely queen and twin.

Who is this product for?

As described above, a sleeping pad is something that will be useful to a hiker or camping enthusiast. It’s great for people who are going to spend time in nature as well as anyone who just wants to invest in a proper indoor sleeping pad. The best thing about it is that it comes at a fair price, making it a good option for even those on a tight budget.


This ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed Queen pad has excellent dimensions and is definitely large enough for two people. It is 80 by 56 inches in size (203 x 142 cm). The best feature, though, is its massive thickness of 6 inches (15 cm). As a result, this is a pad that is appropriate for all types of sleepers, including side sleepers.

This is why I included it in my list of thick camping sleeping pads.


Given its weight of 4 lb 12 oz (2.15 kg), this is not a pad to carry in a pack. It is ideally suited to locations with vehicle access. If you need something like this to tote on the trail, consider the Big Agnes SLX Tent Floor Pad, which is half the weight of the Vertex pad.

The packed measurements are nearly ideal for a queen-size pad, measuring 18.5 x 8.5 inches (47 x 22 cm).


This is a pad for the warmer months; there is no insulation, and no information about its R-value is provided. You only have air beneath you, albeit a lot of it, so don’t expect more than a 0.5-0.8 R-value.

What’s included?

You get a comfortable and durable sleeping pad with this bid. Besides that, you’ll get a user manual that will show you how to inflate and be ready to use this air bed, making it a worthy option. There is also a good carrying bag to hold it, as well as a mini pump to increase the usefulness of this product.

The pumping mechanism

Because this inflatable pad is so large, it is best to utilize a pump, which is included in the package. It has its own internal rechargeable battery and can also be put into a wall outlet or used with a car charger. The pump can inflate the pad in around 3-4 minutes.

You can use the pump to deflate the pad, which will take about a minute. Take a peek at the pump:

Overview of features

This product has more than a few cool features, mainly related to its simple and compact nature. We are looking at a product made of PVC-free fabric that is high-resistance.

It should be able to withstand the wear and tear that is in camping sleeping pads. It also comes with a proper2-year warranty covering this product.

Made from durable PVC-free fabric, it is a comfortable product with a strong coil system that allows you to really enjoy your time in nature. This product is not only suitable for outdoor/indoor use, but it also comes with a convenient self-inflating system which will make it ready-to-use a breeze.

There is also a good pump kit on this sleeping pad, so you can change the firmness and comfort. An excellent choice for any enthusiast of nature.

The three power options, including the battery, wall, and car outlet, appear to be the main highlight of this product. However, if you’re outdoors, it’s probably your best bet to focus on the battery or the self-inflating system. It’s as easy as seeing the magic unfold.

As far as the dimensions are concerned, this product comes in the queen variation, which sits at 56x 80x 6 inches (assembled size) as well as the non-wide twin size. Although it’s not as comfortable as some of its competitors, we still see the overall construction being respectable, making this air bed a worthy investment.

Performance of ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed


Given that we’re talking about a mattress, one of the most significant factors to consider is comfort. In general, air mattresses are fairly comfortable to rest and sleep on.

However, you are constantly reminded that you are not resting on a true foam mattress. As a result, it is rather remarkable to see how effectively this mattress operates.

The six-inch thickness is plenty to keep even the most finicky sleepers comfortable throughout the night. Even if you sleep on your side, this mattress has enough depth to keep you comfortable without sinking into the mattress.

It is also ideal for spreading out because the mattress can easily accommodate two people. The coil design seen in the mattress is also highly helpful when sleeping with a partner, and do not want one’s movement to disturb the other because it considerably reduces air shifting.

Insulation and warmth

This tent does not have a specialized component for keeping you warm. You should not expect anything from the company because it does not supply any information on the insulation properties.

One may claim that you are sleeping on an air cushion, but air does not provide much insulation. In any case, no R-value is provided with the mattress, and our assessment is that it will be no more than 0.7 or 0.8.

If you do decide to go with this mattress, make sure to plan for sufficient heating because the mattress will not provide any warmth.

Quality and durability

When it comes to air mattresses, superior quality material is almost vital for their survival in the wild. The strong material of the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed not only allows it to handle a good amount of air pressure but also makes it durable when pitching it out in the wild.

Having a mattress that easily pierces can be a nightmare, and the thick material on this mattress helps you to avoid that problem completely.

Of course, the robust structure and rigidity also enable good air pressure, allowing you to sleep quite flat. The 500-pound rating also means that you may sleep two relatively heavy people on this mattress without worrying about it being harmed. In terms of material, there is nothing to complain about with this mattress.

Weight and Packing Dimensions

Even if a mattress is necessary equipment for outdoor activities, it cannot be too hefty as this would be a significant barrier. Fortunately, the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed is one of the lightest alternatives on the market, at least in its own quality category. With a total weight of just over 4 lbs., it is light enough to tote around without tiring you out.

This implies you may use it in situations where it would be impossible to bring something like a cot, and you would be thinking of utilizing a sleeping bag alone. Also, if you’ve become used to sleeping on the ground, going back to the solid ground doesn’t seem like a practical alternative.

Size Alternatives

The ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed is available in two sizes. One is a queen, which can sleep two people, while the other is a twin, which can only sleep one person. The twin mattress also has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is plenty for most individuals.

In terms of weight, the twin mattress weighs nearly half as much as the queen mattress. It still has 39 inches of breadth, giving you plenty of room to move about and choose your preferred sleeping position.

This is also significantly more width than the queen, which has a total width of 56 inches.

How to use it

Using this sleeping pad in this matter does not require much effort or prior knowledge. Your main option is to use the flexible pump, or you can either go ahead and enable the self-inflated system to deliver good results.

Alternative to ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

Lightspeed Two-Person Sleeping Pad

Available in several different color combinations, this product can be enjoyed in nature by the two of you. It is comfortable, is well insulated, and has a convenient design. What’s more, it comes at a fair price, so even if you’re on a tighter budget, it’s the right choice.


Looking at the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed, one of the best options for sleeping outside is safe to consider. Not only do you get it at a reasonable price, but it is also perfect for people who are new to camping and are unfamiliar with sleeping pads that swell and deflate.

Ultimately, a commodity of great value for anyone who enjoys hiking and camping trips frequently.

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed
  • Versatile pump operates via one of these three power options wall outlet car outlet or rechargeable battery - pump may be used while plugged in to recharge
  • Durable PVC-free fabric and coil system makes for a more solid and comfortable sleeping area
  • State-of-the-art rechargeable pump inflates and deflates easily with the “flip of a switch”
  • Our lightweight Vertex Air Bed is for indoor/outdoor uses and comes with a carry bag for easy transport and storage

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