Rafting essential 1 – Choose the right river

Choose the river that best suits your rafting experience. If you are a beginner in rafting, you don’t want to be fighting a tough river. You have enough time to learn the tips and tricks of rafting.

As you gain expertise in rafting, you will enjoy more a tough river. So, concentrate on lighter rivers at the beginning of your rafting life. As you gain expertise, move ahead for tougher rivers.

The choice of the river also depends on the time of year. A river that is calm and quiet during a time of year might be violent during a different time of the year. And some rivers may not have proper flow for rafting during some particular time of year. So choose the river based on when you are rafting.

Rafting essential 2 – Understand the river

Understanding the river is of utmost importance for a safe and pleasant rafting experience. Find out in advance what is there in store for you. Learn about the features and hazards in the river.

Consult with any rafter who is sufficiently experienced in the river you are rafting. An unexpected turn is all that is needed for a damaged raft and injured bodies.

Rafting essential 3 – Choose the raft

The size of a raft is decided by the number of people that are traveling in the raft. A large raft is unnecessary for 2 or three people. Moreover, a larger raft is difficult to maneuver for a small group.

But a smaller raft is not sufficient for a large group. It is also dangerous to overcrowd a raft. The raft should also be able to accommodate the luggage or other accessories that are being carried.

Rafting essential 4 – Choose the load

Avoid carrying heavy weight. And if it is unavoidable to carry excessive weight, do make adjustments so that the weight is properly balanced on the raft. This will improve maneuverability in rough terrains.

And most important

A good team and a good attitude